The Money Shot - Cinderella's Castle

After a great week at Disney World, and lots of fun taking photos, these are my favorite "artsy" pics from the week:





I decided to carry all of three of my lenses with me since I don't have one multi-purpose lens, and ended up using them all, so I'm glad I did.  I can definitely see a benefit to a large range lens though...I was wishing for an 18-200mm zoom several times just for convenience of not having to change lenses.  Instead of that huge investment, I decided to buy a camera bag from Sam's that was the perfect tote bag all week for all my equipment (as well as plenty of diapers, wipes and snacks!). 

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elizbailey said:

The castle picture is amazing!

lindasteed said:

Great photos, Andrea! I just finished your blog. No wonder you guys were exhausted. What a fun trip!

wbcradic said:

Great photos, Andrea, and AWESOME castle photo--love it! The Aerosmith rollercoaster was our favorite ride too. I'm not sure how many times we rode it. :) Also, that exact same thing happened to us at the waterpark. In fact, after waiting in line for hours, Winn had just gotten to the front of the line at the tallest waterslide, when lightening struck and they closed the park!

mariahcharles said:

Awesome pics!!! The castle pic would look great blown up and in a little girls room!!!

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