Strawberry Moon Rising

After Ayla went to bed last night, Ben and I went down to the beach to walk. We watched the moon rise, and last night apparently was a special moon-night...there was a strawberry moon. It looked just like a sunset...going the opposite direction.

Unfortunately we didn't have our camera with us as we were walking, but
when we finished, we ran up and picked it up along with the tripod and played around with the camera. Most of the pics were a blurry mess, but we did get a few salvageable shots...and it was a fun thing to do one evening of our vacation:

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mariahcharles said:

Beautiful pictures!!!! The beach looks fantastic! It looks like you're having a great time! Enjoy the rest of your trip.

wbcradic said:

That's funny that you call those "salvageable shots." :) They look professional to me! Looks like such a fun vacation and great times with family. Makes me envy you while I'm here scooping up goat poop and painting an endless amount of trim...

bienaseliz said:

those pictures are great! i especially love the last one. you show blow it up and frame it. it would look awesome on a canvas too.

acmickelson said:

Oh, that's fun. I love the moonlit kissing photo. I have a similar one of Chris and I doing shadow dances (the picture is of our shadows doing funny poses - very amusing for two very bored pre child people).

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