90210 is a no-go...

Okay, so I HAD to watch the new 90210.  I mean I did watch EVERY SINGLE episode of the original 10 seasons....most of them several times in re-runs on the Soap Network.  So as a devoted fan, I owed it to the zip code to watch the new version.
But, I gotta say...I give it a thumbs down and will not allow myself the stress of having to record the show each week.  While it was fun to recognize the West Beverly news anchor as "Hannah Zuckerman-Vasquez" (aka Andrea & Jesse's daughter), and "Silver" (aka Erin Silver, Kelly & David's half-sister), and to see Nat, and Kelly, and Brenda etc...the new cast didn't engage me enough to hang on and find out little tidbits about Donna and Steve and Brandon and Dylan, etc.  Although...I do admit to being intrigued about "Sammy" possibly being Brandon & Kelly's son...ooh, juicy!  But not enough to keep me tuned in.
Maybe I'm naive and I'm the first to admit that I watch some trash television on occasion, but I was not thrilled with the constant underage drinking, cursing, and sex shown blatantly in the first two episodes.  We actually put Ayla to bed earlier than we had planned because just having her in the room with us while we were watching made us uncomfortable.  The old 90210 dealt with those issues, but in this version, everything seems to be portrayed as "normal" for 15 and 16 year olds.  If that's true, God help our kids!  I know things are different now, but this seems to be over the top.  
I *could* watch the new show every week, purely for the old 90210 connections, but it would be hard for me to get excited about the new group because I'm constantly waiting for story updates on the old class of 1993.  Wow. 1993.  Seriously.  Maybe I'm just too old to watch teeny-bopper soap operas!
So, I guess instead of 90210 I'll continue watching the slightly more adult shows like Samantha Who? and Lipstick Jungle and leave West Beverly High School behind.   

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Prlinehan said:

Hmmm. I have it set to record tomorrow night when the CW re-airs it...for some crazy reason our tivo was really busy recording other stuff last night. My hopes haven't been too high for it, so maybe it'll surpass them. :)

Ben said:


lisatanner said:

i'm watching 90210 right now (i dvr'ed it) and so far - it's ok. but i haven't seen a Sammy yet - and Kelly and Brandon having a kid together is BAD - what happened to Dylan?? I'm not sure if I'll watch the rest or not - I had hoped for this wonderful show..............

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