Olympic Fever

We have Olympic fever.

This happens every time. I have no real interest in anything leading up to the games, nor do I know who any of the contenders are until the competition begins. But...as soon as the competitions begin (or are aired as the case may be), we find ourselves glued to the television during all hours of the day and night.

I distinctly remember during the 2004 Olympics going to sleep and waking back up in the middle of the night to watch some volleyball or gymnastics competition. Ben reminded me that he stayed up all night one night and got to watch a trampoline competition.  Did you even know that existed???  The gross amount of television we watched during the Olympics was ridiculous. Especially since we rarely have the TV on at all in our house unless we're watching a movie in the evening. We'll watch about anything, but my favorites are gymnastics, volleyball, and diving.

But now we will probably watch NBC non-stop for the next two weeks. That could also be because we have only the very basic channels and this is the most exciting thing that has been aired in the past year (with last years' writers strike and this summer's reruns and ridiculous game shows).

And I won't feel bad about Ayla watching hours and hours of athletic competitions. That's encouraging exercise, right?

How about you? Have you caught the Olympic fever?

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acmickelson said:

Us too, so much so that I somehow managed to title my post the exact same thing on the exact same day. If only professional sports could be this much fun to watch! I might actually buy a ticket every now and then.

JessicaP said:

We do this with both the summer and winter games. So glad we're not the only ones! :-) We even watched some of the Winter Olympics on our honeymoon!
I'll watch the Olypmic trials for gymnastics, but everything else I just watch the actual games.
This year I'm recording some of it for Ryan because he's SO mad that he's missing the Olympics!!!
Alyssa is really into it, which is a lot of fun. She was so funny tonight watching swimming..."That's the fastest swim I've ever seen...and they're UNDER WATER"...lol! All of her questions have led me to google more than once and the realization that I don't know as much about sports as I thought I did!
And, there you have it...more than you needed to know...I guess I could have just said "yeah, us too"...Haha!

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