Calendar Journal

Almost 5 years ago, my sister in law Janel asked me to make her new baby's first year scrapbook.  Normally, I'd say no way, but since she's as ultra-organized as I am, I knew it would work out just fine.  She kept a monthly calendar and jotted down little notes about Tucker as he grew and changed throughout the year.  Then we included the calendars in the scrapbook. 
I thought the idea was so fantasic, I used the same concept for Ayla's First Year album.  The calendar journaling has become a habit, and even now, I keep a daily calendar of stuff she says and things she does each day.  It's a great way to remember all those little things.  Thanks Janel for a great idea that's easy to keep up!
I just use a table-based calendar that I made in Microsoft Word and type my notes in each day.  Yes, sometimes I forget...but my blog helps me fill in the gaps!  This morning I realized I was two and a half weeks behind, so I spent about 30 minutes filling in.  But now I'm caught up again.  Feels good.  

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