The Alphabet from "A" to Zoo

I finally finished the cover of Ayla's zoo book tonight.  Well, let me restate that...I re-finished the cover of Ayla's zoo book.  My original attempt was an awful mess of mod podge and vellum.  I like this version much better.  It also is coated in mod podge (as are the inside pages) so that little hands can touch and turn the pages as much as they want!
Ayla absolutely loves this book (and shows it off when we have company) and now is able to recognize almost all of the animals and say their names without me saying the names first. 
and Ayla's favorite animal...the hippo (aka..huppo): 
Thank you to you ladies who have provided elusive animal letters for this book!  If anyone else has a photograph for animals starting with any of the following letters that they'd like to "donate" to the cause, let me know!  We're still looking for:  J, N, Q, U, V, and X

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Prlinehan said:

Don't they have a vulture at the zoo? I thought there used to be one in the Alabama Wilds section.

wbcradic said:

That is incredible! I want one! :)

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