AC Chemo #1- "Normal Week" after AC #1

I thought I'd post a quick update, just to wrap up the rest of the time between my first and second chemo treatments (second session is tomorrow). 

Honestly, no news has been good news, and there's not much to report.  Essentially, with the exception of just a few small things, I've felt completely normal, if not better than normal, since last Tuesday, which has been AWESOME.

As best I can tell, the Neulasta shot didn't affect my bones/joints at all, so that was great, as I've heard that can be really painful.  I've had occasional headaches that get better with Tylenol, a very uncomfortable "burned tongue" feeling (days 10-12) that seemed to get better with regular use of Biotene mouthwash, and until about yesterday have felt extremely hungry and needed to eat every 1-2 hours.  My best guess is that the gallon of water I'm drinking every day is keeping me from eating everything in the house -- and consequently gaining any weight.  Up to now, I've maintained a consistent weight if not lost a pound or two. 

Today (day 14), I noticed some extra shedding of my hair in the shower, and I'm afraid I'm living on borrowed time in that category.  Most people on dose dense AC chemo lose their hair right about 2 weeks after their first treatment and right near their second. 

I've been working out every day (high intensity, only minimal modifications for my weaker arms after an elbow injury this year), sleeping well (other than frequent trips to the bathroom from that gallon of water), eating well (lots of protein), and even taking care of some prep-work for my sign business, in the hopes of getting back to painting signs next week after recovering from this next round of chemo--assuming it goes as well as this one has.  

I power washed a load of wood and cut it all down to size, and got those boards pre-painted so they're ready to be turned into custom signs!

And, since I wasn't doing my regular full time *work* I did have plenty of extra time to rest and read and visit with friends on the phone or through video messaging, which has been really fun.  I think I'm actually MORE social now than when we aren't in quarantine.  

I've adopted a "do what you can in this moment" policy, so instead of planning my whole week, I'm making lists of things I'd like to do or get done so when I feel well, which thankfully has been all of the past week, I can hack away at that list.  Honestly, COVID quarantine (and gorgeous weather) have helped make that much easier on me.

Today, I'm cleaning the house and getting ready for a long weekend of laying low, watching TV, sleeping & reading books while I recover from round two.  I've been told the fatigue is cumulative, so I expect to feel a little rougher for a little longer this round...but we'll just see how it goes.

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