Daisy Apron

I made one of these child-sized aprons for a little girl's birthday present a few weeks ago (whose name also happens to be Ayla), and had bought a few extra aprons at half-off (Hobby Lobby, $3.00 regular price).  So this afternoon, Ayla and I painted another super-cute daisy apron for her.  Then instead of painting letters (which I did last time, and was pretty hard to do), I used Heidi Swapp iron-on fuzzy script letters.  It worked perfectly! Now she has a great little personalized apron for when she's helping us "cook".


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mariahcharles said:

Totally adorable!!!!!! You could sell these and make a fortune! You're so crafty- I'm jealous!!!!

Tiffany said:

So cute! Forget the kids- I'd like one as an adult too! :)

Andrea said:

I'm sure that could be arranged. :)

elizbailey said:

ADORABLE!!!! The fuzzy rubons worked perfectly for this!

jwinters said:

You are so creative. The apron is so cute.

Ramona said:

Ok. This apron is beyond CUTE! I want one for myself too! :)

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