7 Gypsies Project Video Demonstration


I didn’t get to teach the 7 Gypsies mini-book project at Scrap Etc. 08 as planned, so I thought I’d put together a kit on video so anyone who wanted to see how it was done, would have the chance to see it. Couple of things before you watch the video:


  • You'll have to watch it upside-down...sorry. I'd love a setup where I could do an over-the-shoulder view, but my attempts at it didn't go well.
  • I didn’t have the two small pieces of patterned paper that go on the inner two pages in my kit. Missed those somehow. But, if you have those, that’s what they’re for. Just ink ‘em and stick ‘em down!
  • The inner pages are made from cardstock that I had in my stash. These also were not included in the kits that were passed out at the Event. There are two pieces and they should each be cut to 8 ½” x 4 ½”.
  • There’s no sound on my video because I don’t feel right about adding music that I don’t have the publishing rights to. So, stick a CD in your computer and blast it if you need background music while you watch.
  • The video is shown in 4X speed…the entire project takes about 15 minutes to create, but you can watch it in fast-forward in only 4 minutes. Ahh the magic of technology.
  • I did not design the mini-book...a designer from 7Gypsies is the genious behind the design. So I can't take credit for any cute-ness! :)
Here are photos of the finished project:

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Prlinehan said:

Too cool. You have so many handy tools and gadgets!

Christinekay425 said:

The video is great love the mini book! :)

jwinters said:

Thank you so much! That is so kind of you.

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