Las Vegas Photo Scavenger Hunt

Last October, when my brother and I met my mom out in Las Vegas for a weekend visit, I told her she should make us a scavenger hunt like she used to do for our birthday parties when we were kids.  She took me seriously! 

She compiled a list of 100 things for us to find (and photograph) while we were there -- most were general "Las Vegas" things, and some are specific to her world in Las Vegas.  While we visited and took in some Las Vegas sights, the hunt made for a really fun theme throughout our weeked of silly things to look for.

Since we had such a good time doing it, we wanted to share the list, a few of the photos we collected during our scavenger hunt, and offer a challenge for anyone else making a Las Vegas trip!

Try the Fabulous Las Vegas Scavenger Hunt - 100 Items to Find!

Download Printable PDF:
Las Vegas Scavenger Hunt List

Download Printable Word Document:
Las Vegas Scavenger Hunt List

This would be so much fun to do with a big group of people--or two groups, who could compete for the most points!

How many can YOU find in a weekend in Las Vegas?

  1. Photo of everyone in your party doing a shot

  2. Brochure from any wedding chapel in Las Vegas

  3. A photo of you with a man or woman who has a Mullet

  4. Take a picture with an impersonator

    Las Vegas Photo Scavenger Hunt

  5. Sneak into a random strangers group photo

  6. Photo of you with a guy named Steve (ID required)

  7. Get a piggyback ride from a stranger

  8. Take a picture in front of the Welcome to Las Vegas sign past Mandalay Bay

    Las Vegas Scavavenger Hunt - Bachelorette Party

  9. Take a photo with a Roman guard (they're only out at certain times) at Caesar's

  10. Some moving sidewalk stunt

  11. Teeny flash mob. Must draft four strangers into your crazy dance

    Las Vegas Scavenger Hunt

  12. Poker chips from 3 different casinos ($)

  13. Menu from a fast food chain

  14. Ticket from Venetian Gondola ride ($)

  15. Coin bucket from a casino

  16. Glow in the dark necklace ($)

  17. Elvis related souvenir ($)

  18. Green craps dice ($)

    Las Vegas Scavenger Hunt

  19. Porn slapper cards of brunette, blonde and red head

  20. Cork from wine bottle

  21. Post card with Eiffel Tower on it ($)

  22. Timeshare promotional flyer

  23. UNLV sweatshirt ($)

  24. Beverage napkins from a casino

  25. Team pic with Flamingo Sign

    Las Vegas Scavenger Hunt

  26. A musician playing

  27. Team pic with Elvis

    Team Picture with Elvis - Las Vegas Scavenger Hunt

  28. Necklace beverage container ($)

    Las Vegas Scavenger Hunt

  29. Deck of cards

  30. Harley Davidson logo

  31. Matchbook from casino

  32. Mini salt & pepper from room service

  33. Do not disturb sign from hotel room

  34. Baggage check ticket

  35. Coca cola souvenir ($)

  36. Tacky Las Vegas souvenir ($)

  37. Pic of a bachelor/bachelorette party

  38. Paper place mat from Denny’s

  39. Pic with one of the M & M's

    Las Vegas Scavenger Hunt

  40. Business card from a pit boss

  41. Brochure from Madame Tousaurd's Wax Museum or the Titanic Exhibit

  42. A coupon book from one of the malls

  43. Beads from Freemont Street

    Beads on Fremont Street - Las Vegas Scavenger Hunt

  44. Monorail ticket ($)

  45. Picture with a Disney character

  46. Picture with water beverage seller or of guy on bridges asking for beer

  47. Picking an off strip casino/non Fremont Street casino and something from it

  48. Picture with the butts of women on Riviera doors

  49. Someone using a pay phone

  50. A tiger

  51. A shark

  52. A bike "cop"

    Las Vegas Photo Scavenger Hunt

  53. A crystal chandelier

  54. A juggling bartender

  55. Picture of a person wearing socks with sandals

    Las Vegas Photo Scavenger Hunt

  56. Picture of an armored truck

  57. Picture of anything that displays the time in a casino

  58. Roulette wheel displaying the number 00 was hit

  59. Someone with a piece of clothing with Elvis on it

  60. Sign with a "Z" in it.

  61. Photo of a man with a handlebar mustache

  62. Picture of a girl in a short, tight dress and high heels

    Las Vegas Scavenger Hunt

  63. Photo of a bride

  64. Photo of a divorcee (proof?)

  65. Hotel water bottles

  66. M&M's world bag

  67. A team picture with the million dollars at Binion’s

  68. Picture of a biker at Hogs n Heifers

  69. A team picture with some of the pit dancers at any of the casinos.

  70. Souvenir flat penny from a casino

  71. Picture in front of a fountain somewhere

    Las Vegas Scavenger Hunt

  72. A line of at least 10 taxis

  73. A body of water

    Las Vegas Scavenger Hunt

  74. An intricate, inlaid tile design in a floor

  75. An unusual handle on a door

  76. A Chicago t-shirt

    Las Vegas Scavenger Hunt

  77. Bellagio fountain

  78. Replica Arc de Triumph at Paris

  79. Pink flamingo's

  80. Ceiling in Bellagio

  81. Square tiny tiles on horse

  82. Picture of one of the team giving a bride a kiss on the cheek

  83. Bling

  84. Picture of your twin

    Las Vegas Scavenger Hunt

  85. A beautiful arrangement of flowers

  86. Someone teaching you a foreign song or dance and you guys singing/dancing it -bonus the farthest away foreigner

  87. Picture with a naked person

  88. Limo driver’s card

  89. Picture with a wine barrel

  90. Picture of you on TV

  91. 12 packets of salt - any fast food place

  92. A losing ticket from a sportsbook

  93. A pair of chopsticks

  94. A photo of any celeb

  95. A ticket stub to a movie ($)

  96. A pen from a casino hotel - must be "borrowed" from reception

  97. A picture of the inside of a toilet stall

  98. A Wirtz Distribution truck

  99. My license plate NOT in or on Audrey's Spyder, truck, or 5th Wheel

    Las Vegas Scavenger Hunt

  100. Something unique, NOT on this list

Have fun & good luck!


5 comments so far:

KK said:

I love this post! It looks like you have a fun family & you had a great time! I want to do this for my 50th. Thank you so much for sharing these great ideas. You rock, and your mom is super clever.

Darren said:

If you guys are ever looking for a scavenger hunt with a TWIST - check us out at Alibi Las Vegas. We are a scavenger hunt crossed with a show, crossed with a bar/restaurant crawl, and I think you will find that we are a ton of fun :)

Jenny said:

I just love this. I just did one this past weekend down on Fremont street for my daughter's 21 and my brother's 50. Everyone had such a good time but mine was a 1 1/2 hour time limit and only 18 things. I'm going to steal some of these ideas for a party in May. Thanks for sharing

VG said:

Hi do you have the list you did for your scavenger hunt on Fremont street? Can you share the list?

Anonymous said:

would so appreciate if you could share your list of things they looked for Iam trying to make a photo hunt for in one week !on fremount street and having a tuff time because i dont know whats there

please give me a hand ?
Thank you , Susan

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