Sharp Carpet (and a surprise!)

While the kids and I were out of town for three weeks, you might think Ben would take the opportunity to get lots of sleep, watch movies, and relax in the quiet of an empty house.

Not this year.

The day before we left for Chicago, we were picking out new carpet for the bedrooms and hallway upstairs and the basement playroom (all of which has needed to be replaced since we moved in 6 years ago - but no one in their right mind would replace carpet with toddlers in the house). 

In an effort to get new carpet before our painting marathon from last fall became dated and needed to be redone, we decided an empty house for three weeks was the perfect time (for Ben) to tackle the project.  Unfortunately, it meant he had to do all the work himself.

He spent two and a half weeks moving all the furniture out, tearing out carpet, repairing the floors (no more squeaks!) having the carpet installed, and then moving everything BACK where it belonged. 

What I didn't know, is that in addition to ALL that, he also painted all four of the bedrooms, including ceilings, our closet and repainted the hallway (which we had inadvertently painted with flat paint the first time). 

So now, with the exception of our bathrooms, our whole house is freshly painted in shades of gray.  No more tan. 

WOW! Best. Surprise. Ever.  Because I was NOT looking forward to having to move all the furniture again, try to protect the carpets, and doing another painting marathon any time soon.

So here's a look at the almost brand-new-feeling of our house...

We took the opportunity to rearrange a little bit, and eventually we'll add things back to the walls and maybe choose some new artwork, etc.

What I love the most is how quiet it is!  I can get up in the morning and walk all around upstairs, without waking anyone up! 

As Ben puts it, you could bowl down our hallway, it's been reinforced so well!

Now the basement playroom/den feels more like a part of the house again.  While the concrete painted floor was a very good choice for us for the past several years, now that we know it doesn't get wet down there anymore, and we're done riding bicycles and riding toys all over, it sure is nice and cozy with comfy carpet.

Don't your feet just feel happy looking at it?  Well, okay, so maybe you don't care, but mine sure like it!


4 comments so far:

Nokes2 said:

Looks great! Nice job Ben.

Jenny Swenson said:

I can't believe he did all that. It looks AMAZING! He really should have called Matt is real good at moving furniture around.

Prlinehan said:

I looked at Ayla's room and had flashbacks to your painting dilemmas when you painted a few years back & the first color didn't quite work so you redid it. Everything looks great--- nice job, Ben!

joshsteed said:

Looks great!! So glad that is all done and you are enjoying! Good job Ben!


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