Home is a Four Letter Word

My pictures came in the mail today, so I was able to fill our four frames in the kitchen--FINALLY. You guys got me thinking about four-letter words, and then I ran across this article I had written a while back for Scrapjazz, and I thought, "duh! I'll do a word collage!" How easy is that? So I took some photos of letters around our house, cropped and enlarged them to 8" x 10" and hung 'em up!



I'm likin' it. It wasn't on purpose really, but I like the black and red thing I've got going with them too..

Now, for a special pat on the back...who can identify where each of these photos was taken in our house? I guess this only works for those who have been here....

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joshsteed said:

The O is the wreath, the M is from the letters that spell family, and the e is from the dr. pepper sign. . . unsure about the H though. . . hmmmph.

acmickelson said:

What a wonderful idea. I love it. Funny that we should both write a post about our homes today. Great minds think alike?

lindasteed said:

Love the pictures and the brown shoes!

RLO05 said:

C-U-T-E Love it!!! Might steal that idea from you. The "O" is one of those berry wreath thing-a-ma-jigs I'm guessing hanging on a door somewhere? We have one too. Not so sure on the other letters. Haven't been there...yet. Someday I hope :)

katz78 said:

Simple and very nice!!

audreyeden said:

I have no clue. Guess I haven't been there enough. :) We can play treasure hunt when I get there!

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