Week in the Life - Spring 2011 - Sunday

Day 7.  Sunday.  Today was another completely abnormal, totally quiet day by myself.  I even hid in our bedroom when Ben brought the kids home tonight so he could put them right to bed to avoid riling them up too much.  I did however, go back to my to-do list.  And did some stuff.  What can I say? I like lists.

And I'm spent.  Both times I've done this project, by the end of it, I'm exhausted and feeling like my life is extremely boring and mundane. Maybe next time I'll spread it out over two months and do one day a week so it's not quite so intense.  Just a thought.  Now I get to decide how I'm going to put it all together in an album....

The stats:

  • 29 photos saved to my hard drive.  22 shown here.  It got a little ridiculous just taking photos of myself this weekend.  Maybe when I'm 60 I'll be glad I did.
  • Notable differences about today compared to every other normal day - I was by myself all day again.  And I didn't go to church, even though it was Sunday. 

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devinsmom said:

Hey Andrea... I love the framed "I love you more then...".  Where did you find it?  or did you make it?
Love it!!!
fyi: Yes I realized I forgot to send you pics of the nursery like a year ago or so.  Sorry!  As soon as I locate them I will send them.  The only thing I wasn't all that happy with how it came out.  :(  In my mind it was suppose to be one way and it came out a differently.
Kelly Freemyer

Andrea said:

I did make that "I Love You More Than" frame. It was a valentine's day present and hangs in our bathroom.  Kind of fun to write in all kinds of crazy things and see what it says each day. :)

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