DIY Jewelry Organizer

My new retail job requires rather excessive accessorizing (for me anyway), so it was a good excuse for me to organize the jumbled mess that my jewelry box had become. 

I took everything out, got rid of a couple of things, and put the smaller pieces (rings, small earrings & bracelets) back into the jewelry box on my dresser. 

Then...I needed a visually accessible (and jumble-free) solution for my larger earrings & necklaces.  And of course I wanted it NOW, so I looked for stuff I had on hand.  After a trip to the garage and digging through my craft stash of stuff, here's what I ended up with:

My solution: an old frame, some scrap fabric, black wire, duct tape and a few nails!  It was about a 15 minute project.

  1. Find a wooden frame with a mat-board backing.
  2. Remove the glass and set it aside (surely there will be a need for it some day!)
  3. Wrap the mat-board backing with fabric, attaching with duct tape to the back of the mat-board.
  4. Spiral wrap the fabric-covered mat-board with wire (I used heavier wire to be sure that it would hold up well).
  5. Twist the wire to itself on the backside to secure it and put a strip of duct tape over it to keep it in place.
  6. Insert the mat-board back into the frame.
  7. Add nails to the wooden frame at the top & middle of the sides (for neclaces).
  8. Find a convenient place to hang it up & add your jewelry!

I put mine in my closet, next to the full length mirror.


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jennyn5243 said:

What a wonderful solution. I like the fact that you can incorporate both longer and shorter pieces within it easily. The fact that it also can be hidden behind a door makes it all the more useful. Well done.

Desiree Ruggiero said:

What a great idea!!!! My husband was just telling me how I need to get all my jewelry under control.

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