Numbers on the Mailbox

While I was out of town for the month of July, traveling with the kids, Ben enjoyed 3 1/2 weeks of solitude at home.  That's a lot of time for itty bitty handyman projects! 

Among many nice little surprises, I came home to shiny new doorknobs on all our outside doors (yes, he changed the locks while I was gone!), new shelves in the pantry, and a brand new mailbox.  And, if you have seen our old mailbox, you know that this was a WAY overdue project - as in we probably should have done it the day we moved in 4 years ago.

So, since he very nicely waited for me to get home to add numbers (because he knew I'd want to paint my own street number sign like the one by our front door), I figured it was time I got on that project before another 4 years passed. We were looking for a make-it-better, but it-doesn't-need-to-be-perfect look, so within a 5-minute conversation we made a quick design decision and I got to work.

Here's a look at our old mailbox, the new mailbox I came home to, and then new mailbox w/a snazzy new paint job on the post & a brand new street number sign.

Though I certainly wouldn't be opposed to some color at the street (I do love these colorful mailboxes), Ben is a little more conservative in his outdoor decor choices, so we opted for a make-it-blend, not too fancy monochromatic look.  So all I did was make two beveled 1ft street number signs, give the post a new coat of paint, and slapped that baby back together.  I started at noon, and was done with the whole shebang by dinner (didn't want to miss any mail!)

Yes, some flowers would look nice at the bottom of the post.  Maybe someday! One project at a time...

Here's some more mailbox curb appeal for your day!


Except now I really want one of these:

How's your mailbox looking these days?




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Tanya Anurag said:

Great ideas.

We have a link-up party going on - Tea Time Thursdays @ Kreative Korner. I would really appreciate if you'd link up some of your awesome posts there. Hope to see you at the party.

Juste said:

It's great to find new things at home after the holidays :) Very nice mailbox transformation :) In my place we have hundered-years-old mailboxes and I tryed to renew it a few years ago... that's how it looks like today:

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said:

Very nice! I've been eyeing a mailbox just like that at Home Depot! Ours is in dire need of a makeover as well! Stopping by from Ginger Snaps!

Kimberlee said:

HeeHeeHee. My hubby would go nuts over a colored mailbox too, LOL! Yours turned out very elegant. Visiting from Show and Tell Wednesday.
~ Kimberlee at The Spunky Diva 

Prlinehan said:

The license plate mailbox reminds me of a purse I had in highschool.  The bad thing about something as eye-catching as that is that people feel compelled to look inside. :)

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