At the Front Door - Street Number Sign

Our front porch is sorely lacking in style.  Mostly because I like to spend my crafty time inside, not outside (like my green thumb neighbors) and ALWAYS forget to water plants, which means the nice flower-filled pots my mom added a couple of years ago have sat there very lonely filled with dirt, not flowers for the past two years.  Yes, I know that's sad. 

However, after Ben spent last weekend power washing our all-brick front porch (and removing the empty flower pots completely), I was so impressed by it's "sparkle" I decided to contribute one tiny little addition -- our street numbers:

front porch sign

Street Number Sign

Yes, the porch would be much prettier with pots and flowers and a cute little painted wooden chair or a bucket or something...but I'm not sure I have "outdoor decorating" in my talents. 

Anyone want to come and makeover my front steps?  I need low-maintenance, weather-able decor.  Help me out, would you? :)

Here's some inspiration (each picture links to some great tips):


What does your front porch look like?

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Chris said:

I love your sparkly house numbers. Our porch is pretty sparse, too. I finally made a wreath I love, which helped a lot. Good luck!

lindasteed said:

Your numbers look great!

Prlinehan said:

Well, as you know, my porch has the red rocker on it.  I do not have a green thumb either, but the past couple of years I've had some luck with hanging plants.  I guess since they're in my line of sight I halfway remember to water them.

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