Those Who Save Us

I just finished reading
Those Who Save Us by Jenna Blum. It was a book my grandmother recommended. Written by a Jewish author, it flashes between the late 90's and the 1930's - 40's and follows the story of a German mother and her daughter. The mother lived in Germany during WWII and falls in love with a Jewish doctor, has a baby, and so on... (don't want to ruin the story too much). The daughter is a German history professor (in Minneapolis, of all places) and is doing research on the experiences of Germans during the war.
It reads just like a Lynn Austin book, which I love, teaching all about the history and pulling you into the time frame with a captivating story. Although the author is Jewish, I found it to be remarkably
un-religious. Actually there are very few Jewish characters in the
I had never read a book about the Holocaust before, and it's very sobering to read about how awful people were treated. Hearing about it in school and in history books doesn't really pull you in emotionally like a story like this does.
I definitely recommend this book. Very interesting and easy-to-read. Thanks Grandma! :)


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kworlton said:

I also enjoyed this book. Actually, I'm not sure enjoyed is the right word--it was a great read, but it was such a harsh view into the Holocaust! It was very real, and very informative, and in that sense, I loved it. It was very disturbing at the same time, though, and that is why enjoyed doesn't seem right.

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