Because Everyone Needs a Logo...

My mom (also known as "Noni" to my kids) is celebrating a milestone birthday this year AND she's retiring from teaching middle school industrial arts. I'll let you guess which number will be on her cake. :) 

As she heads into retirement, she's living in a camper, riding her Spyder and driving a big 'ol truck around the US from place to place.  She's one-of-a-kind.  So it made perfect sense to me that she should have her very own logo -- that my brother and I are planning to have turned into a decal for one of her vehicles (it would look awfully cool across the front of her Spyder) to celebrate her retirement. 

So, if you see this logo driving down the interstate -- you'll know just who it is!

Not that it needs explaining, but here's the thought behind the design:

  1. She's retiring from teaching middle school - hence the apple center.
  2. She goes by "Garden of Eden" in many circles, which gives a double-meaning to that apple.
  3. The leafy tattoo-like side design fits right in with the "Garden" theme as well as her "biker" lifestyle.
  4. She rides a CanAm Spyder, so the spider is being "set free" from the apple as she retires.

Yep. I think I'm pretty clever. :)  I sent her the personalized logo on CD-ROM for her birthday with this card (notice the design on this card is a little different than the one "one-of-a-kind" mom requested some tweaks to her logo -- that she loved btw):

Happy birthday & congratulations on your retirement Mom!  We're all looking forward to hearing all about your upcoming cross-country adventures. 

Why do I have a feeling we're going to have to talk her out of making this into a tattoo???

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FBCHAD said:

Well done! I rode with Audrey a time or two. Wonderful woman!

Maggie said:

Happy Birthday my Friend i wish for you the best.. Hugs Love and Kisses

Frank (flgator) said:

What you have done is great. I am happy to tell you that I call your mom my friend. Although I do not know Audrey well she is always delightful to be around. I am sure she is quite proud of you.
Thanks for sharing this.

Elizabeth Bailey said:


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