Handmade Holiday Gifts 2010

I believe they've all been delivered, shipped, and opened, so I can share this year's handmade holiday gifts:

First -- What else, but Holiday Signs

These 1ft x 4in signs hung with twine made fantastic gifts for teachers, nursery workers, and friends.


Next, bags of Aunt Dora Cookies for our neighbors:

We put these tiny cookies into sandwich-sized ziplock bags and folded a piece of Christmassy patterned paper over and stapled it together over the zipper.  Easy--and tasty!


And finally, Picture Pebble Magnets:

These were wonderful grandparent and aunt & uncle gifts since they featured all the grandkids/cousins, each on a magnet of their own. We made them for both sides of the family.  Ayla was a great helper when it came to putting the patterned paper and magnets onto the metal plates.

Some tips for making these:

  • Use flat, crystal clear pebbles.  Iridescent ones don't look very good.
  • E-6000 glue is perfect for gluing the photos to the pebbles & the pebbles to the magnets.  Just beware of the fumes!
  • Get strong magnets.  Otherwise, why bother? :) 
  • Check the hardware store for metal plates with holes already drilled.  I found these 4 1/2" x 2" metal plates at Home Depot for only $0.53 each and used the holes already drilled to thread ribbon through.

Photos worked great for these, but patterned paper and my Bic Mark-It markers made cut little sets too that a few of my friends received:

All this year's handmade presents seemed to be well-received...or else everyone we give presents to is really good at faking how much they love a gift! 

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Pediatrician said:

Gosh, I just love all your stuff. I am going to make those magnets for family members next year! What a great, thoughtful gift to give. We did picture books this year, so next year the magnets will be a great way to change it up!

Betty Colvett said:

Grandma C
I love the magnets!They are already in place"after" they were shown at the Beauty Shop and Church !!!
You are one talented lady!!

acmickelson said:

 We LOVE those magnets. We played with them all day on Christmas (who would have thought such a simple gift would have been the hit of the day?), and now the kids love putting their art work up on the fridge with them. What a lovely idea. Thank you so much!

Linh C said:

These are really great ideas, Andrea. The signs are awesome. Pretty scrapbook paper makes everything even more special. I love the magnets on the metal plates. I'll have to add the metal plates to my list of things to get at Home Depot. Thanks for sharing your tips too!

mariahcharles said:

 LOVE the magnet idea!   I might just have to steal that one... :)   You are always so creative!!!!

RLO05 said:

I always leave your blog in awe and inspired.  Thanks and I hope you guys have a very blessed 2011: )  Miss you guys!!

Prlinehan said:

You've been BUSY!  I've been keeping my magnets separate from all of the kids' magnets.  :)

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