Product Review: Bic Mark It Color Collections

When I received an email asking me if I'd be interested in reviewing some new sets of permanent markers from BIC on my blog, you'd better believe I was interested. They sent me two sets of the new Mark-It Color Collections - ultra fine and fine point permanent markers in 36 colors each. I tell you what, for a girl who loves office supplies and scrapbooking products, it was like Christmas in October!

Now that I've had a chance to play with them (instead of just admiring their colorful beauty), I'm happy to present you with a full product review:
MSRP:  $20.99
Description: Available inboth fine and ultra-fine point, the Mark-It Color Collections include 36 colors in each set. All BIC Mark-It permanent markers have acid-free ink (no added acid, no measurable pH), feature a rubber grip for comfort and control while marking, and will mark on almost any surface including glass, metal, plastic, coated paper, etc.
Each set of 36 markers also includes a sturdy, clear plastic storage case making storage and easy access a breeze.
  • writes on nearly any surface, including slick surfaces like plastic, glass and metal
  • excellent detail doodling and journaling possible with the ultra-fine tip markers
  • fabulous easy-to-use, sturdy storage case
  • includes a color available to match ANYTHING
  • passes the "eraser test" (draw guidelines w/pencil, write journaling w/marker, erase pencil marks = NO SMEARING! Yay!)
  • would prefer a slightly more opaque finish  when writing on glass, plastic and other slick surfaces (gel pens or paint pens work better for that opaque finish)
  • can wash off of dishes when put in the dishwasher
In Action:
Though I was dying to use these markers in a crafting environment, I started with something a little more practical and immediate -- labeling. Since they will write on nearly any surface, and the tip is fine enough for smaller, more detailed lettering, they're a perfect solution for labeling all my kids' stuff that travels with them from place to place like backpacks, sippy cups, snack containers, zip-lock bags and toys. With all the color options, it was easy to pick the perfect color to make a tone-on-tone subtle label for both of these water bottles:
  • Markers Used: Fandango Pink (fine) & Deep Sea Blue (fine)
Note: Initially I tried labeling the bottom plastic portion of the water bottles, which worked fine, until they ran through the dishwasher and the label washed off. The next time around, I labeled the rubberized top instead. After two trips through the dishwasher, the label has only faded slightly, though I suspect after 3-4 more washes I'll need to touch up the names. I've yet to find a marker that stands up 100% to the dishwasher. I guess that means the dishes are coming clean though right?
As I refrained from labeling every item in sight, I moved toward something a little craftier. I needed to mail photo CDs to some friends so I decorated the CDs (which were already lime green) with some doodles. I'm sure my girlfriends enjoyed the little colorful surprise in the mail.
  • Markers Used: Fandango Pink (ultra-fine), Hot Aqua (fine) & Hot Aqua (ultra-fine)

Next, I tackled a holiday-decor project - Christmas tree ornaments. First, I decorated a glittered Styrofoam ball ornament  with polka dots, a hand-drawn letter and some ribbon. I knew the Styrofoam ball would be tricky, since it's a textured surface, but the markers did a remarkably good job covering the area and maintaining a fairly precise look. 

  • Markers Used: Rambunctious Red (fine), Hot Aqua (fine) & Tuxedo Black (ultra-fine)
The second ornament is a clear glass ball on which I wrote an initial and name overlay. I filled the ball with white tulle to help bring out the monogram and added a ribbon to the top. Though a more opaque paint-pen might have been a better choice here, once I added the tulle filler to the ornament I ended up really liking the semi-translucent look the markers created.
  • Markers Used: Rambunctious Red (fine) & Tuxedo Black (ultra-fine)
As I turned my focus toward my true passion - scrapbooking - I realized these markers would be great for labeling photographs since they're acid-free and won't smear. PERFECT.  I proceeded to label all of my daughter's 4-year portrait prints before handing them out to family members.
  • Marker Used: Meadow Green (ultra-fine)
Finally, this past weekend I took both sets of markers with me to a crop-night while I worked on several scrapbook pages. Glorious. There was nothing better than having any color I wanted at my fingertips, to match any photo, any patterned paper, and any cardstock. I used them for outlining, journaling, labeling and doodling. And I shared them with my friends - who loved them too.  :)
  • Markers Used: Woodsy Brown (ultra-fine), Tranquil Teal (ultra-fine), Tranquil Teal (fine), Honey Brown (ultra-fine)
Overall Review:
I have officially replaced my love of Zig Writer & American Crafts Slickwriter pens with the Bic Mark-It Color Collections. Not only are they less expensive per marker, but the vast color selection and snazzy storage case seal the deal. Now, if only they'd come out with a mega-ultra-fine point set, I'll be first in line to get my set!
Want your own set of markers? You can buy them here:
As a special treat to my blog readers , Bic has offered to give away a set of both the fine point and ultra-fine point color collections to three (3) lucky readers - a $41.98 value! All you have to do is comment here and answer this question:
What's your first project going to be with these fabulous markers?
Want to be entered more than once? Post a link to this review & giveaway on Facebook, Twitter and/or your own blog and let me know in your comment where you've posted.  You'll be entered for each unique way you've told others about the giveaway! Use the URL: to direct your friends!
The winners will be randomly selected and posted on Wednesday, October 27th. Good luck!


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Kathie said:

Silly me....just realized this page is year old.

Kathie said:

I'd love the chance to try the BIC Mark-it pens. My first project would be my Christmas cards. It's mid October and I haven't even started them yet. Yikes! I've heard the BIC Mark-it pens are a decent substitute for the more expensive alcohol based art pens on the market. I've seen projects made with them and I love the look, but unfortunately they are a bit pricey. I'd like to share these with the ladies in my card-swap group. Always love the opportunity to try something new. Keep crafting!!

Manami said:

These look like they'd be a lot of fun to use in crafting, would love a set. :)

Joyce said:

My first project will be Christmas cards...need to start soon to get them out in time!

Penny said:

These Bic markers look remarkable. If I should be so lucky as to win sets of these markers, I would use them for art projects, scrapbooking and quilting! Thanks for sharing the information about them.

Crystal said:

I am getting ready to have my first baby. My first project with these markers would be her scrapbook. I have been scrapbooking for sometime now and have bought a few of these markers here and there in smaller packages. It would be great to have the entire set once and for all. They would make a great addition to my scrapbooking "family."

I have also posted a link to this blog on my facebook page!/profile.php?id=535448924, sharing with my friends.

nancy tran said:

You gave a great idea about ornament, and Christmas is around the corner plus I just had a baby girl, therefore, my first project with these wonderful markers will be My Baby Girl First Ornament.

Schare' said:

Oh...and the link to my facebook page is...!/profile.php?id=599825081

I had forgotten to link it with my original response. : )


Schare' said:

We are a homeschooling family. I have three kids ages 12, 11 and 8 so we are always doing different projects and craft type activities. With the holidays coming up, we will be making christmas cards and ornaments. We decided a while back to do a "homemade christmas" this year. We are trying to get out of the commercial-ness of the holiday and go back to basics and things from the heart. I have even gotten rid of all of the store bought decorated ornaments from past years as we have resolved to make our own this year. : ) I am hoping stuff that can be used for years and they will be able to add to their own tree later in remembrance. : ) A wonderful variety of colors from this set would be awesome for us to all types of designs. Although, I have to admit....the kids tend to be more creative than myself! lol Oh my....I almost forgot about my tote full of pictures that are waiting to be labeled and made into scrapbooks!

I posted this on my facebook page with the idea that these would be great to use in the winter if you work outside. Pens always tend to freeze and bust, but these would be great and for us girls who like color would give us plenty to choose from! : )

Faith said:

I'm hoping to use these on unfinished wood Christmas ornaments. I think they'd be great!

Anna Marie said:

The first project I will use these on will be to take them to my sister's house and make our hand-made Christmas Cards! WOOHOO!

Katie H said:

I am an avid cardmaker and scrapbooker and try to get some of these things made when I get a chance. I just moved back to the country after a few years abroad (where there was little to no selection of pens to buy :(
In my spare time I like to make handmade greeting cards with my supplies and donate them to local charities who then sell them off at their markets to raise money for their cause. Its a great feeling and gives me an excuse to craft!!! Since most of my supply has run out while I was out of the country and I didnt have much choice in Hong Kong to buy, I would LOVE some of these pens to get me started again.

I have posted your competition on my facebook page so I hope some of my friends and family comment too!!!/profile.php?id=644314991

thanks for the opportunity to win.
Katie H

Anonymous said:

I'll love to win this for scrapbooking and cards!! Thank you for the chance the win!


Deb said:

I think these markers would be great to use for Christmas projects and cards!

Marcelle Kraynak said:

I would be thrilled to win these markers. They would be put to so many very good uses at Silent Santa, our non-profit organization dedicated to filling Christmas wishes for children in need. We purchase office supplies with our own money as we do not yet have any funding. The markers would be used to create fliers and box signs for the drop-off boxes placed at sites throughout the area. So you would actually be helping us to help Santa reach so many deserving children.

Sandra said:

I love Bic markers, would love to win these! I just bought 2 oval wood blanks to decorate for my Grandchildren, and since I had not decided how I was going to decorate them, I would use the Bic marker to color them. Thanks so much for the review and a chance to win these markers!!

Libby said:

I would love these, I know I would be using them to color images for my cards first, and then I have craft projects they would be of great use for, inluding some Christmas ones I really need to start working on.

Erica said:

I will definitely be using these for scrapbooking journaling and etc...

Tonya said:

I love Bic Mark-Its! I'm not sure I could teach without them. I'm certain the first project that I'd use them on would be posters -- either as advertisements for yearbook sales or for an assignment for my English classes.

Mandie W said:

I LOVE my Mark-Its for scrapbooking! They are awesome!!!

Debbie Ball said:

I would love to have these for my projects, I priced them and realized that they were pricey, so winning a set would be awesome.

Im posting this on facebook

Coupongrannie said:

The first thing I would do is make my grandson's scrapebook, then I would let the kids I watch make ordaments for their parents.
Im posting this on face book but only my friends can see my profile.

Becky said:

Oh i loooove office supplies especially with color! most likely i would use them in my craft room i would finish up my labels i need and i would sit down and pull out all my scrapbook pages that are un finished just waiting for the journaling to be done.

lucy said:

My daughter would love to have all these colors of markers! She loves to write in every color!

Patti K said:

I would use Bic Mark-it permanent markers to make my christmas cards and gift tags this year. I love the way these write. Thanks for the great giveaway!

Patty said:

I would start by labeling all my storage totes and all my office totes. I love color!! Thanks for the opportunity.

Debbie Oshea said:

After much thinking I decided if I won I would donate them to my daughters class, 2nd grade. This way they can make beautiful gifts for thier moms/famiies. Teachers are so under paid and usually have to spend some of thier own money for supplies. I think they would appreciate these very much, and in return i would probably get a card or other project from my daughter that was made with these. I am a mom who saves everything my kids ever made me!

Erika said:

My first project will be making ornaments for the family.

Yahi said:

I would use these on my Christmas projects, and labels. The CD idea was also fantastic!! but mostly for scrap-booking!

I will post this on FB:

Christina said:

I would use these to organize my craft room by marking all of my rubberstamps and supplies.

Lils said:

So many pretty colors!!! I would make some christmas ornaments with some glass pendants I have from an old chandelier that was taken down. The semi-translucent look would be great on those!

Patty said:

I would use them to decorate the gift tags for my Holiday Mason Jars.

Kristi Beckett said:

i would label all of my kids things they take to school, includin backpacks, pencil box, lunch bag etc... then move on to my craft room and start labeling tings there! i am excited about these markers!!

Jayma said:

My first project would be to make a card with a digi stamp, and color it in with these wonderful markers!! Thanks for the chance to win!

Corina said:

Ohhhhh I am a sharpie addict, but these sound ever more amazing!! I would LOVE these. As a mom of 4 active girls with lots of "stuff"...we do a lot of labeling around here! I would go label crazy with these awesome Bic Mark it pens!

Kathy said:

What a great review! I love that you not onyl used them in a crafty way, but also for everyday purposes. If I won a set of these, I'd like to use them for Christmas ornaments. They look really nice onthe glass balls and I' would love to try them on ceramics. Thanks!

cmahoney said:

I love to do crafts with the kids. They are only small for so long. I will use these markers to design their scrapbooks! I will also make some Christmas Ornament with the children to give to relatives! :)!!!

CupcakeLiz said:

*Posted on my blog! @

*Posted to Facebook:!/profile.php?id=667457623 (I'm also a 'liker' of Signs by Andrea-my profile is private so not sure if you can see the link or not..?

*Posted to Twitter! @!/cupcakeliz09/status/28797228317

staci said:

hi there
thanks for the opportunity of the giveaway
my first project is going to be to catch up on my scrapbooking that i am many years behind!
i am so busy, i never have the time anymore, which is quite therapeutic, me time.
so most definately i am going to start with that!
thanks again

Brenda West said:

PENS! I love office supplies! What would I do with these pens? Everything! I'm just now packing up my daughter's 4T summer clothes and repacking all of her other clothes that are too big yet so, these would totally come in handy for that. But, most of all, I would use them for scrappin' and cardmaking. I am just starting to scrap again after 4 years. I'm ashamed to say this, but my daughter only has 6 pages about her, and I owned a scrapbook store when she was born! I would love these pens to replace the Zigs, Slick Writers and Marvys that, as I look around my office, seem to have disappeared. :o)

Teresa Stepp said:

Love all the things you did with these markers. I would use them to help with some projects I'm doing for my daughter. She's graduating from high school this year (2011). I'm in the process of finishing a memories blanket for her soccer years, as well as a picture book of her years till now, a CD of our favorite tunes together, and a signature shirt for all her friends to be able to sign. I want to try making our own Christmas ornaments this year and your blog gave me ideas I hadn't thought of. Thanks. I also have 2 sons that are invovled in alot of activities that require me to label their items. These markers look like they would be great for detailing on wall lettering and murals. Well have to try that out!! I'll have to get the wheels turning and think of some more things to use these markers for. Thanks again for a great blog and I hope I win some freebies. I will post on facebook and tell my friends and family about them to.

CupcakeLiz said:

I want to make the girls' annual Christmas ornaments and these look way more easy peasy to use than trying to paint the insides of be honest I was really dreading trying it this markers it is! :) I also have things to label, and I wanted to make some name signs on some glass with other mixed media to hang in the girls' this giveaway would be awesome for me if I won!'d be saving me a trip to the store toting along a 4y/o and an almost 3 y/o-I would love you forever... :)

Jennifer said:

I totally love the idea of being able to label all my kids' things that go with them everywhere.

amanda d said:

I would make christmas ornaments. i purchased some of these, and just love them. so many things you can do!

Chelsea said:

I had some of these markers until my children discovered them and slowly took them all away. I really liked them and would love to win some more! My daughter just gave some as a birthday gift with some art supplies and her friend loves them too.

Yvette schauer said:

Love these markers. Bought a set for my son the artist, now I need a set for my scrapbooking.

georgesbunny said:

I first got these to use as markers for organizing boxes but have used them for many other crafty things .Instead of stenciling my pumpkin this year I used the Bic Markers.A good variety of colors .

Vicky said:

I would use these to decorate some birthday cards and to make Christmas gifts for my girls teachers. I would love to see if these can replace my Sharpies and Zig Writers!

Kimberly said:

First thing I would do is get back to drawing!! I love to use these to draw on everything. I used mine for over a year before they dies out coloring at least every day. My 4 year old daughter really like when i color in her giant coloring books an hang them on her wall. The colors you get from these JUST POP! Next up I think a little decorating for Thanksgiving might come in play!! Im So excited I cant wait to see who wins!

Lisa said:

I just posted the link to your blog on my Facebook page as well :-)

Lisa said:

I am a labeling, organizing fanatic! I LOVE any kind of markers, post it notes, office supplies, etc! My first project for these awesome markers would be to make note cards and gift tags for Thanksgiving & Christmas gifts, especially for my children's teachers. I will have to hide them from my daughter becasue the apple didn't fall far from the tree!! She loves markers, too!!

Lauren said:

I absolutely LOVE good markers for scrapbooking and have yet to find ones that dont smear.

Sfamily said:

I would love to have a set of these to label things for our new house and get everything organized.

bluegrass said:

hi, we are short on money. so at tmas we make homemade items. we will do the the tmas globes and make cards with the markers.

Lauren said:

I've been on a labeling/organizing spree throughout my house! Not to mention I'm SO excited about trying these out for my scrapbooking as well!

amanda said:

I have a 6 year old daughter with severe autism who is completely non-verbal. These would work great to draw her picture cards and flash cards that she uses to comminicate. We use markers now and if she gets it wet they smear:(

amy bartley said:

We used these this weekend at our pumpkin carving day, and they were fantastic. Some of the little kids used them to color their pumpkins, and they came out great. I would absolutely love a set, we would do so many crafts with our children. I know they would get a lot of great use at our house.

Shauna said:

I already had the clear Christmas glass ball on my To-Do list for gifts this year! I would LOVE to use this set of markers for our Christmas project this year!!! Pick ME! Pick Me! Pick Me!

Kris said:

I'm not sure what the 1st one would be. I've got some things that need to be label. However, my kids would really love to have them to color/craft with. My son just got to paint a pumpkin and my daughter came home with a blank gourd. If I showed them to her after school today, I'm sure the first thing she'd want to do with them would be decorate that gourd.

I plan to post this blog on facebook.

Donna Davis said:

These seem like the perfct answer to journaling in my Scrapbooks! ANd Christmas Cards too! I hope there are Reds, Greens & Blues!

hschris said:

I would love to be able to give these to my son for Christmas. This year has been hard for my family and for the first time ever I can't afford Christmas not even stocking stuffers. I've literally cried my eyes out many times just praying that I could at least find a way for just one present. You see we live in a very small community with no help around. My husband is disabled and can't hardly walk. I was currenly enrolled in college and had to drop out because my husband kept falling and we can't afford a home health nurse due to our very fixed income. Please help me with my Christmas prayer!

miria said:

These would be used for my scrapbook and card projects. I also own a at home business of baking confectioneries which would be good to decorate the boxes with.

I will post on my Blog and facebook.

Amy said:

I think these would come in handy in helping me with my organization. I just bought storage drawers and finished blocking out with paper inside the drawers so that I can hide Santa gifts and the such from the eyes of my children. These would help me lable what is inside and keep straight who I have what for by color coding my labeling for the 9 little ones I have to buy for. I keep these on the top shelf in my master closet and it has trippled my storage there!

Crystal said:

I would love to start working on a scrapbook now that the kids are back in school.

Jennifer H said:

I can not wait to get my hands on these. I have been looking for a set of markers/pens to journal on my scrap-booking pages, these seem to be just the ones.

Crystal Gayle Cox said:

I would use them on various craft projects I do, always need fine markers, as well as writing on photos

Blossom said:

I have some of your markers. They're awesome.

Jodi Thompson said:

Ohhhhh I really want to try these and it would be even better to win them!!!!

Teresa said:

I would sure put these to use on numerous craft projects, including my Etsy crafts! Bic rules!!

Melissa W said:

I would love to try these markers!! I would use them for my kids christmas projects we are going to make for christmas gifts to there teachers!!! How Awesome!!

Jenny T said:

Oooops, sorry -- I forgot to add that I also posted the link on my FB page!

Jen O. said:

I have a smaller pack that I used the coupon for and I was amazed with all of those colors, I couldn't imagine having 36! The Christmas ornaments turned out amazing, I would have never thought of anything like that, thank you for the great idea.

Jenny T said:

I would use them to get started on my baby's scrapbook! The poor guy has nothing, in contrast to his two older brothers. Do I really have less time this time around? I bet it's just that I don't have the right set of markers.... :)

JILL T said:

I would love to win these markers! I would use them for scrapbooking. I am posting your link on facebook.

Kimberly said:

The Bic Mark-It Markers are going to be my new obsession, replacing my need for Sharpies. I love labeling and helping the kids create "art". However, my first project with the Mark-Its will be a Thanksgiving Centerpiece using a glass bowl. I want to draw pumpkins and turkeys on it and fill it with pine cones.

Adeline Falk said:

These markers look AMAZING! Think they'd be perfect for scrapbooking and card making. Would love to be one of the lucky winners. Thanks for the chance!

sweetiem said:

I have been eyeing these markers. I would love to win these sets. Their are so many uses for them, I am not sure where to start. More than likely I would start in our school area. We homeschool and that is where I spend at least 1/2 my day most every day. Thanks for the chance to win!

sweetiem said:

I have been eyeing these markers. I would love to win these sets. Their are so many uses for them, I am not sure where to start. More than likely I would start in our school area. We homeschool and that is where I spend at least 1/2 my day most every day. Thanks for the chance to win!

Erika Seever said:

I have been eyeing these markers for a while. I would love to use these for Christmas cards and ornaments I plan to make. I have just started stamping and coloring and these would be PERFECT!!!!! Thanks for the chance to win!!!!!

kerry mccullough said:

Socks!!!! I have 5 girls so sorting a huge problem.

Tina K. said:

I have always been a Sharpie-fan, but am interested in these due to the variety of colors and tips. I am a scrapbooker, so I would definitely use these to finally put together my now 8month old daughter's scrapbook. Another thing I would use them for is to label everything the kids take to school, daycare, etc. Would also take them for a visit at work to do some labeling projects there as well. (Might just be able to convert the office to Bic! :)

Peggylea said:

Also posted on my Facebook page for another entry! Thanks again!

Rhonda said:

I am an avid crafter and will use them in mini albums I make, that will only be the beginning. I have used just the black marker in fine point and LOVE it. I definitely NEED these colors they are awesome. Rhonda

B Smith said:

I think I would do some crafty projects!

Jennifer said:

LOVED your review! Sounds like I NEED these pens:)
I'm thinking they would be great for filling out my son's baby book (which right now is only a series of Post-It notes on pages! Yikes! I hadn't decided exactly how I wanted to fill it out, and I think this would inspire me to get it done before he is no longer a baby!!

Peggylea said:

These markers look awesome. So versitile. The first thing I would do with these markers is label photographs. We had a beautiful 10 year old grand-daughter pass away in July and I am in the process of going through years of photos and making scrapbooks in rememberance of her and her sweet life. These markers would do the job! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

Jennifer said:

I'd primarily use them for scrapbooking. But like you my impatient self would probably start labeling everything in sight. I really like your ornaments too, a perfect gift for my niece and nephews.

MaryE said:

I'm currently going thru attempting to seperate things due to a PCS move in our near future. I think the markers would be wonderful to help label things and boxes that way I can "color co-ordinate" so the movers know which boxes should be packed together for which room.
Also my children love doing arts and crafts and I think they would have a fun time being able to add finer details to thier work =)


My granddaughter Lauren and I could do lots of Christmas projects. Lauren loves lots of artwork!

Sara said:

Use them for work. I love pens and markers.

Liz said:

What a GREAT review! You really made people want to buy these markers!!!!

The first thing - probably - would be the Christmas ornaments we make every year. I print photos (on transparencies) of children doing something important to them that year. I roll them and place them inside the clear appears as though the child is floating in the also need to label them somewhere with the year...sharpies are great, but we need different colors so we make the focus on the picture and not the year!

Other than son is mainstreaming in some classes this year and there are many more projects to be done! BOY! Would these come in well as most of the others...the SCRAPBOOKING and card making that consumes this time of year!!! :)

Melanie_S said:

I would love a set of these markers -- I am 1) an office supply addict and 2) a crafter that needs less expensive ways to craft!!! :) I would use these for labeling my four kiddos' items for school, for scrapbooking (assuming I ever find the time to catch up with my scrapbooks), and I think I would love to make homemade ornaments for family this year, to include with my tin of baked goods I always make -- ooh! maybe I would use them to write out the recipes to include with my goodies this year! :)

Debi Torres said:

I would love to try them on Christmas Ornaments!!!

Julia said:

Hi Andrea! Have to throw my name in given we seriously could use these!! I loved the CD idea however the ornaments are great too! The glittered one is my fave!

Lisa said:

Those look like fun markers! I would use them for making some games for my piano lesson kids and scrapbooking! Fun!

Debbie said:

I would love these markers for my son who just started kindergarten. At a recent parent teacher conference I was shown his art book. The kid is seriously talented and I was blown away by his ability. I would love to use these markers for our craft and art projects we do together. Last year we made snowmen ornaments for all of the family members, and a year later he is still talking about how much he loved doing that! I can only imagine the possibilities!

Amy said:

It would be very difficult but I would give these to my very artistic 20 year old daughter! She is in need of new markers and these would be wonderful for Christmas craft projects that she is making. Sharing this link on Facebook too : )

Jody Morgan said:

We are coming up on Halloween, so I was thinking about decorating pumpkins with markers instead of cutting them apart and then we can keep them up through Thanksgiving as well.

I am also big on Christmas ornaments as gifts for family from my daughter, every year we try and make a new type of ornament and this year I think we are going to do Foamies and these markers would be great for 5433a project like this.

I love the case, we are always loosing markers around here, so that would be awesome!

Cee-Cee said:

these really sound cool... I would love to try them out by making a picture out of dots or making christmas decoration with them, I love to make christmas bulbs... and give the to my family!!

Laura Rogers said:

My daughter's kindergarten class does a neat project - each child gets to be the "star" and make a poster about themselves that hangs outside the classroom door. Those markers would be PERFECT for her project :D

Lynn said:

I did not want to try these markers to use for scrapbooking or picture labeling thinking they were going to seep through...however, you blog proved me wrong. I would definitely purchase these now :)

Amanda S said:

I'd be using them all over our house! Labeling and doing projects with the kids. We homeschool and are always looking for cool tools to do crafts.

Kelly D. said:

I'd really like to try the Christmas Ornaments! We love anything "personalized". Thanks for the chance!
Kelly D. ~ dkad23(at)gmail(dot)com

Sarah Fleck said:

I would love these markers. I just recently started scrapbooking since my daughter was born 11 weeks ago. Additionally, I am a stay at home mom right now so any supplies I can get free is a bonus :))

Leah said:

My first project would be to begin my Christmas Cards!

denise said:

I would love to catch up on my scrapbooking with these! And I would love to try my hand on making my own ornaments!

Carol said:

I have considering getting a set of these. Think I will now.

Bonnie said:

Lots of Scrapbooking in my near future, and new markers are on the shopping list!!

Beth said:

There are lots of uses for these markers: organization, kids' school projects, holiday projects, etc.

Claudia N said:

I will use them to mark my son school clothes, and for school proyects

Alyssa said:

I have always wanted to craft christmas ornament like you showed in the post, I think I will try this out!
Thanks for the opportunity!

kate said:


lorafleener said:

I would LOVE these markers .. and so would my daughter, Lydia. :)  She has a great collection of Sharpies that I got her for her birthday, so these would be for me.  :)  After living in my new house for a year, I am cleaning out closets, and these markers would be great for labeling everything.  I also need to get caught up on my scrapbooking.

Renee said:

I would love to try these markers! I want so much to get into scrapbooking and I homeschool so
the uses for them are endless..

Erica hartlauf said:

I need new scrapbooking pens/markers!!!

Sjwarren said:

Okay Andrea...I'm knew to this...I commented on your blog that is open to everyone already so you may need to delete this one!  I would use the pens for scrapbooking but they will also come in handy for all of the school projects that the boys have too!

Rebecca said:

I would love to have markers like this to label my 4 kids things to keep organized!!

Susie said:

I would love these pens for my "Little Angels Workshop" that I run at my church. The kids make crafts to give away for Christmas, and we have many projects these pens could be used for. They look awesome, I love all of the color choices! My heart belongs to Sharpie, but I could be persuaded to change!!

Prlinehan said:

Susie, When you have the date/time for the Little Angels Workshop can you send me the info?  Thanks! Patricia

LeeCSimpson said:

I LOVE to label, especially my childrens items. I plan to use them with my daughters Homeschool projects.

joshsteed said:

I would use them to create homemade thank you/birthday cards. They sound awesome!

lindasteed said:

I facilitate a mommy and me parenting group. I would use them for our arts and crafts projects. Love all the color choices!

Personalized Gifts said:

I have been thinking about making my own flashcards for my 16 month old, Ryder. He has about 20 words that he can say and I think it would be fun to have a whole set of cards that he actually knows the answers for.

~ Brina

Elizabeth B. said:

I have never tried the Bic permanent markers, but you have me itching to try them. I have a ton of scrapbooking I need to catch up on...if I won, this would give me some fun motivation. ;)

Tamara said:

These markers look awesome! I love that they come in a case so they won't end up at the back of my junk drawer. I am planning to do some finger-print art with Ryan's class and I would LOVE to use these to add the little finishing details!

Michelle said:

I have 2 whole containers of different markers at school. I love to use them on everything. When I write my calendar for class, I use a pretty color, even though I know that when I copy it, it'll show up black and the parents will never know.
I love all the things you did with these markers. I've looked at them before, but never bought them. Now I just might.

Courtney McIlwain said:

I love markers. I have a sharpie obsession so I would use these all the time!!!!

marisanokes said:

school planner - with all my 'to-do's' for school
Ani's album
labeling Isa's clothes
Right now I use sharpie's and they arent thin enough to do all of the above.

amyc said:

I would love to try those on scrapbooking. And don't we all have a ton to things that need to be labeled before leaving the house!

OtherAylasMommy said:

I would use them for my classroom of 18 month olds.  LOTS of things need to be labeled.  :-)

Linh C said:

I'd use the markers to decorate little pails for Christmas gifts.

Angela G. said:

Christmas Cards!

Janna Davis said:

Andrea, you know I need these pens! For the sake of your own personal stash, pick me!!
I will FB!

lisa said:

I would use them to journal on layouts, but I love markers, so you'd probably see me using them in my creative planner, journals, for list making, too!

Samantha said:

I am going to catch up with some scrapbooking and make cards!

Prlinehan said:

Probably homemade cards would be my first project....though I do love to just doodle.
You think these would replace my love for Sharpies?
Oh & I'd be happy to put this on FB... don't twitter though (maybe I'm not cool enough either :) )

mariahcharles said:

 I am working on a photo Christmas project for family.   1) ornaments of the kiddos and a picture collage of our trips this past year.   These might work better than the Sharpie markers I currently have :) Blog and maybe FB - I'm not cool enough to Twitter :)

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