I've been without a scanner since I got my new computer, so please excuse the digital photos of these layouts. I'm still perfecting the art of photographing a piece of paper.  Shouldn't be so hard, right?  It is.  Anyhow, it hasn't kept me from scrapbooking and trying to catch back up a little bit -- I'm not used to being behind!  Here are a few of my recent favorites:


Celebrating my birthday:

My lovely sister-in-law and her children (oh yeah, and my brother w/his children too!)

Easter will never pass again without me thinking about the day Paxton was born:

You can just see the pudge in his prints, huh?

My most favorite photo of 2010 (so far):

Some photos from my newborn twin shoot with my new niece & nephew:

And this one goes in Ayla's "Through the Years" album...gotta get started on Paxton's soon!

That only brings me to May 2010 though! Still lots to do....

Some of the products featured in these pages:


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