Fancied My Flipbook - again.

 I made one for Ayla, so in the name of everything fair and equal I had to make one for Paxton too -- a "fancied" Flipbook from  They're only $4.99 so when I got a coupon code for 50 free prints when you spend at least $5 on a "photo gift", it was a no-brainer.  Either I got 50 free prints, or a free Flipbook -- good both ways!  

I followed almost the exact same pattern for Paxton's First Year Flipbook as I did for Ayla's: his monthly gorilla pictures, followed by another favorite picture from that month.  I also love that I got to use this fun tab punch that I bought for my Baby's First Year photo albums again!

Such an easy project, and cheap too.  It's a great way to use up scraps of papers you love and have a cute little album to share when you're finished!

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