Lucky Number 9 - put on your brainstorming hats...

Inspired by this:

and this:

I put up these in our not-quite-finished-yet den/playroom:

As you can see, these nine 12 x 12 frames are located above the play area section of the room.  So, now we're trying to decide what to put IN them.  That's where you come in.  I'm looking for suggestions!   Got any brilliant ideas for me?

Here's what we've come up with so far:

  • family pictures (rather predictable)
  • family pictures of us enjoying sports/recreation/play activities (running, sandbox, disc golf, volleyball, bike riding, football, playground, hiking, etc.)
  • board game boards (Sorry, Monopoly, Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit, etc)
  • photos of iconic places we love (old houses we lived in, city skylines, parks, etc.)
  • a favorite line of scrapbook papers (I like that idea...but I doubt Ben will be interested in that...)

The trick is...I need nine!  It doesn't *have* to be kid-themed or play-themed, or even themed really.  It doesn't have to be photographs, it can be artwork or newspaper or wrapping paper, or anything.  We just want some great ideas!

So there you've been commissioned to help brainstorm.  Let's hear what you've got!


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Janelle said:

What about funny faces, or funny shots that you've taken of the kids or the family? Because its in a play room, I think it would be fun to have sort of a silly set of 9.

nokez12 said:

Places you've lived, if you have pictures of all of them.  Always wish I had done that.  Sounds like a double scrapbook page to me.  This is Mom, not Jake.

joshsteed said:

1 from each place you lived(both of you) Carbondale, Searcy, Rochester, Hoover
1  of each of you individually or represents you individually
1 family shot.

Prlinehan said:

I've been trying to think of things that happen in 9s or are 9-related and I'm finding there aren't many-- pregnancy & a school year.... I'm sure you'll think of something and it will be totally cute!  You've taken lots of great animal pictures at the zoo--- and sometimes kids playing can make it feel like a zoo...

JessicaP said:

What about a combo?  Mix in some fun fabrics, let the kiddos create an art piece or two, scrapbook papers, board games, whatever...with some of your favorite "playful" photographs?

Anonymous said:

I say do all those things!! the middle would be cute as a monogram - maybe one of those photos of an ordinary thing that looks like an S - know what i mean? and then a few family shots too. i wonder if you could find a 12x12 mat that would hold several smaller pictures - of your previous homes, shots from the city. just one wall that shows all the bits of your family!!

janlynns said:

i like all of the above ideas -
you could take your camera out and have fun with a theme - nature etc. but I'm sure if you look through your files you will find some cool photos -
remember to look for details you can crop out and focus on to make them more abstract if you like that kind of thing.
with all the cute children in your family the kid route is and easy choice!
 Love Tara's wall and her photos too.

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