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Lazy Linkies Linky Party ServiceI've got to share an awesome blogging tool that I've started using recently called Lazy Linkies.

I love sharing my blog content at linky parties.  They're a fantastic way to share my projects and tutorials with new audiences - and they work! My blog traffic has largely increased since I started participating in linky parties.

The problem is...there are LOTS of them, hosted on all different blogs, with different guidelines, on different days, and at different times of the day.  They are all great parties to participate in, but I was having a hard time keeping up with which blogs posted their parties on which day of the week, checking to see if the weekly post had gone live yet throughout that day, and trying to remember to check them all.  It was taking up entirely too much of my time, but the payoff and traffic I got from each of them was really great, so I didn't want to stop.

Enter: Lazy LinkiesSeriously. Simplified it all, and made it so easy!

Lazy Linkies monitors all of those blogs for me and notifies me when each blog's weekly linky party goes live.  Now, instead of manually checking each of those blogs multiple times a day, when a linky party is posted, I'm notified immediately, I go to the post, fill out the form with my newest blog content, and am often one of the first links in the list.  So easy.  So fast.  So wonderful.

If you regularly participate in linky parties, do yourself a favor and try using Lazy Linkies!  You'll be SO glad you did!

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