Burlap + Blue: A Shop Review

Since it's what I do and love, I think it's important to do my best to support other mom-based businesses with a handmade twist.  So when offered the opportunity to review this adorable little etsy shop called Burlap + Blue, I jumped at the chance.

Burlap + Blue specializes in cake stands, dessert pedestals and home decor with a vintage-inspired feel.  And Linda, the shop owner has a great eye for vintage and shabby-chic, as you can see from her blog.  She even has some great DIY tutorials:

Shabby Flower Pillow Tutorial Burlap & Ruffles Ottoman Tutorial Wood and Felt Buntings Tutorial
Shabby Flower Pillow Burlap + Ruffles Ottoman Wood + Felt Buntings

This particular black and white damask dessert pedestal in her shop caught my eye right away. 

Burlap + Blue Dessert Pedestal

It's made from combining a gorgeous patterned ceramic plate and a painted metal candlestick.

Burlap + Blue Etsy Shop Review

Together, they create this beautiful, delicate stand that says "I'm special."

Burlap + Blue Handmade Shop

I envision it proudly supporting a gorgeously decorated scrumptious cupcake for a special birthday, tiny little cheese cubes at a party buffet, or a perfectly wrapped little present with a pretty bow.  But for today, a few oatmeal cookies will have to do. :)  Don't worry, they're yummy too!

Dessert Stand - Burlap + Blue

Check out some of the other great hand-crafted products that Linda has in her Burlap + Blue Etsy Shop

Burlap + Blue Etsy Shop Sample Products

How cute are those customized coasters? And the clock?  Love it!

I'll bet you'll find a special piece in her store that speaks to you. If you do..use coupon code signsbyandrea for 15% off - expires 3/22/12. 

You're welcome. Happy shopping!


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Kali @ The Vintage Milk House said:

Thanks for reviewing & sharing Andrea! I'm popping over from Crayon Freckles & am in love with what you do over here! - I'd love for you to stop by The Vintage Milk House! Have a great week! - Kali

Anonymous said:

Gorgeus and beaytifull idea!!! Thank you real mutch for sharing!)

Janet S said:

The cake/dessert stand is adorable! Thanks for sharing.

Prlinehan said:

Really cute stuff! I love the cake stand you picked out... classic.

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