Diaper Bag Tags

One of my April goals was to make baby gifts for 9 babies born in the last couple of months.  Finally, they've all been born, and the gifts have been sent! Whew.  And now I can show you what I made for them!  


They’re inexpensive (use your scraps), easy (they can be partially pre-made), and have just the right homemade touch that any new mom will love (ahh…alphabet stickers)! With a decorated design on one side and the baby’s name on the other, diaper bag tags are a perfect way to distinguish one bag from the next at day care and church nurseries.


Supplies Used:


  1. Choose a double-sided patterned paper and cut it to fit inside the pocket for the clear ID badge holder.  Mine were 3.5” x 2.5”.
  2. Use a corner rounder to round the edges of each card.
  3. On one side of the card, add a 1.25” x 2.5” strip of cardstock and a circle punch to anchor your themed embellishment of choice.  In the two examples above, I used a car sticker for the boy tags and a silk flower and button for the girl tags. 
  4. Ink or outline the edges of all the paper elements, making sure to detail both sides of the background card (in different colored inks if you wish!).
  5. Assemble the decorative side of the tag, adding your themed embellishment.
  6. On the opposite side of the tag, adhere a chipboard alphabet monogram and the name of the baby.  On the boy tags, I used alphabet stickers to write the name, while on the girl tags, I simply printed the names on white cardstock strips.
  7. Insert the tags into the ID badge holders.
  8. Add a ribbon to the pre-cut hole at the top of the ID badge holder.  This can be used to attach the tag to a strap on a diaper bag.  A more versatile option (for those who change diaper bags as often as they change purses) would be using a key ring or zipper clip.

While I was at it, I also made some neutral baby-themed tags using the Crate Paper Little Sprouts collection of papers and die cuts, for my “not-finding-out” friends!

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B said:

These are precious!!! What a great idea!

Andrea said:

Inexpensive--not cheap! hah.  Besides, babies need to learn that just because something is inexpensive, doesn't mean it's not FANTASTIC (aka LUVS diapers, generic formula, etc)! It's a good lesson to learn. :)

Prlinehan said:

You mean I got a cheap baby gift???  Kidding, kidding,kidding.  I just love how you ooze creativity...and I mean that in the very nicest way possible.

lisa tanner said:

hey - i use these on Cole's backpack for school, too - so not just for the babies. his school system has rules about backpack styles, so there are several that look like his, so his tag helps!!

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