Canon Rocks my Socks

A mystery package arrived at my door today -- my 100% fixed camera - no charge.

Canon received it Monday, and I'd been waiting for them to email me with an estimate for what the repairs were going to cost me (while I racked my brain trying to figure out how to pay for the repairs & a replacement 50mm lens - which also broke). 

When a box arrived today with the camera inside, I thought for sure it wasn't fixable so they just mailed it back.  Nope.  They fixed it.  And didn't charge me.  How cool is that? They just earned a customer for life. 

Now I can order my replacement lens and be back to normal shortly!  Whew.  Canon must have known I have a new neice & nephew due anyday!

So my camera and I bonded for a little while this afternoon. We missed each other.

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Prlinehan said:

Well, I guess the twins can be born now, huh?  :)

lindasteed said:

Great! Our family (professional-level) photographer is back in business!!!  Wonderful photos of the kids! So cute!

Tiffany said:

So, so cute!
I'm so glad that you were able to get your camera fixed.  My heart sank when I read your post about breaking it...sounds like something that would/will happen to me!  While I am a Nikon girl, that certainly is impressive customer service.  Congrats!

acmickelson said:

YAY! I'm so glad Canon fixed it! I believe they may have earned TWO customers for life - a story like that will keep me buying Canon too. Thanks for calling today - it was WONDERFUL to talk to you!
Could those kids BE any cuter? 

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