Monkeys Hanging Around

For Paxton's 1st birthday party, I continued (and maybe concluded?) his monkey-themed year with monkey decorations.  I kept the decorations very simple, using his banner, some stuffed monkeys from his bedroom hanging from the chandelier and candle holders, and a bag of balloons.

We had a very low-key party.  Just the local aunts, uncles and cousins over for dinner (shishkabobs) and dessert (monkey cupcakes of course).

I can't claim credit for the design of the cupcakes, though I did make them.  I just searched Google images for "monkey cupcakes" and I got LOTS of ideas. :)


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Betsy said:

Clever and it. :) I can't believe Paxton is one already.

Janet said:

Happy Birthday to Paxton! Those monkey cupcakes are very cute!!! Love the simple use what you have decorations too.

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