Two-Sided Sign

This is one of the signs I made a couple of weeks ago...a birthday present for a 12 year old girl, who just got a brand new bedroom:

Side one -- Her first name painted with her middle and last name as patterned paper overlay:

And the "fun" side two - Twilight (ooh, don't we ALL love Twilight?) with a patterned paper overlay:

and my favorite touch...the silver blood drops---oooh, chilling! :) 

The cool part about this sign is that it can be hung on the wall and flipped to whatever sign she's "feeling" that day OR you could use the eye hooks to hang it from hooks & chains from the ceiling to enjoy both sides at the same time. 

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joshsteed said:

That turned out really well! Good job!

Prlinehan said:

She LOVED it!  Thanks!

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