Bidding War

We held a silent auction at church this past weekend to raise money for a mission trip to Honduras and I was shocked and flattered to create quite the bidding war for one of my personalized signs.  It turns out three people bid $95 for a personalized sign!  Who am I to stand in the way of worthy cause fundraising?  Instead of donating one, I just went ahead and donated three signs to the top bidders.  I'm happy to help raise money for a great mission. 

So, as a result, I've been a painting fool this week getting the auction signs done as well as some regular orders (providing immediate confirmation of  the old "give and you shall receive" mantra). 

Here are a couple that I can share now...the others will have to wait since I believe they are suprise gifts!:

3ft x 6in

A Bridal Tea gift for the bride...
1ft x 6in

The weather is great for painting right now! Place your orders. :)

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