Spread the Signs - and win!

Win a personalized sign by helping me spread the word about Signs by Andrea!  It's easy. 

Here's how:

Your name will be entered to win a personalized sign once for each of the following "spreads" you do by next Sunday 10/4/09:

  1. Post about and link to Signs by Andrea on your blog or web site: http://www.andreasteed.com/signs
  2. Become a fan of Signs by Andrea on Facebook.
  3. Post a link to Signs by Andrea on your Facebook profile.
  4. Email friends & family about Signs by Andrea (include a link in your email and carbon copy me at signs@andreasteed.com).

You can use this image URL if you'd like to include a picture with your "spread": 

When you post or link or email, be sure to post a comment here letting me know that you've "spread" the signs to be entered into the drawing.  I'll draw next Sunday and post the winner!

Thanks for you help!  Happy spreading.

10 comments so far:

acmickelson said:

I posted you on my blog. I don't facebook, and emails to family and friends would be redundant because anyone I would email would have already read it on the blog (theoretically). I hope you get a ton of orders - they are really fabulous signs! :)

joshsteed said:

Hi Andrea! I put it on my blog, became a fan on Facebook and posted a link on Facebook. Good luck!

angela said:

and I put you on my blog!  Gotta go see what else you want me to do!  I need a new sign for our house we will be closing on soon!

angela said:

I became a fan on facebook!

littledill4 said:

I posted on my blog and sent an email.  Hope the business goes well!

Anonymous said:

Hey Hey - I'm blogging about your site, became a fan, and posted a FB link!! I hope you get a million orders!!

Betsy Cradic said:

Okay, I've done all four! Hope you get super-duper busy with sign orders!!

marisanokes said:

I did all three =) Hope it brings you some business! 

janel said:

Hey!  I'm a fan!  I'm thinking a Steed or  Roll Tide sign would be fun :)

Prlinehan said:

Well, you better believe I'm going to help you spread the word!  

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