Is this weather for REAL???  


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mariahcharles said:

we had 60 degree weather today with just a little rain. No coat needed, it was great. I understand where you're coming from when you say this is a little strange to have Christmas decorations and then be in light clothes, but I'm loving not having to bundle Sidney up every time we go somewhere. This unusually warm weather will come back to haunt us...
Love the "I love daddy" onsie- we have it in a couple of different sizes!!!!! Ayla is so cute!

wbcradic said:

That's so weird that it's so warm in December! Seriously, though, don't you miss it just a little? The other night I came home and parked on the street, and when I got out of my car, I honestly just stood there for a second to enjoy it. The snow was so pretty and crunchy beneath my feet, and at night the street was quiet, just the street lights and Christmas lights on, and I was warm inside my parka and mittens. I love it...most of the time. :)

Now, Winn on the other hand would move south in a heartbeat!

nancy said:

ah, come on. You know you miss it. Tim and I dug out snowshoes the other day - I really missed them last week when I was trekking 1/2 mile up the driveway with CW on my back and snow drifts to my knees. While at the storage unit we also picked up the snow tubes you and Ben gave us a couple years ago. We have some great slopes on the prairie!

Prlinehan said:

What a great time for my Mother-In-Law to come from Chicago for a visit-- now she's going to think B'ham is downright tropical! I refuse to get out my capris again though-- it's December for crying out loud! I think it's supposed to be even warmer today.

littledill4 said:

MUST you rub it in?? Snow, snow snow, that's all we've seen for the last 2 weeks!

I like reading your blog and keeping somewhat up to date (probably more so than when you lived in MN). I'm glad your move has gone well so far. We miss you here!

mariahcharles said:

I am so envious right now!!!! I had been in denial that winter was coming since we had an extended summer and fall. Here in the STL we've been hanging out around 30-34 degrees (Fahrenheit that is) and rain/freezing rain. It's been a great time!!!! I'll take 77 anytime!

RLO05 said:

Yup, it really is that cold and unfortunately, I don't think we've seen the worst of it yet. Ray has been blowing snow every other day. I love your blog. It is so fun to see Ayla grow. Hope you have a very blessed Christmas.

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