Cardboard Oven

With all the kitchen utensils, pots and pans that Ayla got for Christmas, I decided to go ahead and move all her kitchen-related toys to the kitchen on a trial-basis.  I hesitate to keep them there mostly because I can't stand the thought of her toys scattered throughout the kitchen. far she's kept them pretty cleaned up, and it has really helped with keeping her busy while we're cooking meals or cleaning up in the kitchen. 

She kept asking where the oven was though (her sink/dishwasher and stove didn't suffice), so I decided it was time to make her an open & close oven. 

Bring out the cardboard boxes...

This was a fun-looking box we had some pizzas shipped to us in from Lou Malnati's, and it made a great base for the oven. I cut a door and window into the front of it (used a cut page protector to create the window).  I also added another cardboard box to the top of it to give it some height, covered it with cardstock and drew on the burners, knobs and a clock...the finishing touch was adding Ayla's favorite time -- 6:30.

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elizbailey said:

Too cute!!

LesleMora said:

Looks great, I bet she has a lot fun with it!  Happy new year to the Steeds!

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