Signs, Signs, Everywhere are Signs

Now that the gifts are all unwrapped, I can share a few of the homemade creations that I worked on this year.  First...signs.  Last year, I made this sign for our friends Winn & Betsy in Minnesota.  It was so fun to do, that I knew I wanted to make a few for Christmas gifts this year.

Since I drew my sister-in-law Rachel in our Steed family grab bag....and she and I are *always* talking about decorating ideas, I knew she'd be a good she got a "Steed" sign.  It's made on an old piece of wood that is about 1" deep, 5" or 6" tall, and about 2ft wide (roughly).  It has sawtooth hangers on the back so it can be hung on a wall.  Ben really liked this one, so I might need to make one for us too!

My friend Alison and her family are building a new house, so I thought they might enjoy something decorative to put in they got a "Mickelson" sign.  This one was made on a 2" x 4" that is about 18" or so long, so it'll sit well on a shelf or mantle.  I wonder what they thought about me mailing them a 2" x 4".  Hmm....

And lastly, I made my mom a vertical sign that she can put out in her garden.  It's about 4" wide, 1" deep and 3ft tall.


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LesleMora said:

Those look great!  And easy.  Very cool.

rsteed said:

I love mine and will be putting it up very soon:) Thanks again Andrea, you did a great job!

acmickelson said:

I had to laugh when I received what felt like a 2x4 in the mail. I told Chris that I thought that Andrea was giving me a piece of wood instead of the standard lump of coal this year. We laughed and laughed until it turned out that you really did give me a piece of wood! But, I do LOVE it and it will be perfect above our mantel. Thank you so much for thinking of us!

Prlinehan said:

Very resourceful and crafty!  I like the different fonts.

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