A Little More Cardboard Luv...

The other night, my nephew Tucker asked me "Aunt Dee?" (that's what they call me) "How come you never make us stuff?"

Ouch. Talk about a knife in the heart! I asked him what he meant and he referred to this and this and wanted to know why I didn't make them anything that they could take to their house.

I should probably have reminded him of the tunnels we made just last week, but I think he meant something he could take home..so I asked him what he wanted me to make.

His response....a garage for his hot wheels cars. So, I promised him a garage and that we would build something today when they came over (which turned out to be a spaceship).

Here's the garage...made from my favorite cardboard box source...a box of LUVS diapers.



I would have liked to paint it, but we didn't have any spray paint on hand, so it's graffitied up with LUVS graphics. But I did give the flooring a layer of cardstock and even made them a handicap parking space. Hope it provides hours of entertainment! Until it falls apart. :)

And here's today's spaceship creation:



I tell you what...there's nothing better than a dedicated playroom where stuff can be moved and destroyed and rebuilt over and over again. This same landing spot has also been home to a campout, tornadoes, rodeos, outer space, and more down-to-earth pretend games like "house" and "baby".

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John Smith said:

There is literally so much you could do with that humble cardboard box. Have fun!

Prlinehan said:

You're such a cool aunt!

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