Saved My Shorts

I have a favorite pair of khaki shorts. But they have bleach stains on them. I wore them anyway. Then, the bleach stains started turning into holes. I wore them anyway. But then the holes got bigger and I had to figure out some sort of rescue mission for them.

Here's my solution. Unfortunately, I failed to take before pictures....


I used Fancy Pants chipboard paisley shapes to trace a design on the shorts, cut out the design, pinned a piece of fabric to the inside, did a quick baste stitch around the design to keep it in place and then went back and hand stitched a brown border with a backstitch (I think that's the right term). It took a while to hand stitch them all, but I like the end result.


Now I gotta figure out what I'll do when the bleach stains on the other leg turn into holes...there in a less "normal" spot to put a design. Hmm...

ps...Ayla was my helper for the top photo.  She pressed the shutter button to start the self timer, so the camera would focus correctly.  She's a tiny pro.   

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russphillips said:

That's a great design! When is your clothing line coming out?

audreyeden said:

Looks like you used a zigzag on the sewing machine. It would have gone a lot faster if you'd been able to do that. Look great!

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