Custom Notecards with Child's Artwork (Art by Ayla)

How to Turn Your Child's Artwork into Professionally Printed Notecards and Greeting Cards

I surprised Ayla today with a really fun package in the mail. I turned a couple of her "Best Of" first grade artwork projects into custom notecards at Zazzle! She was totally pumped when she saw them! 

"Oh wow!!  This is so cool!"

Children's Artwork Printed on Notecards and Greeting Cards

In order to turn her large pieces of artwork into small printed greeting cards, I photographed them with a high quality camera (and a tripod) in natural light.  Our front porch in the afternoon is a perfect place to do that.  I used painter's tape to tack them to the brick wall, hanging them as straight as I could, and placing the camera on a tripod directly across from them (to minimize any distorting). I ended up with pictures like this:

Then, I cropped the images to include only the artwork (it helped that they were pre-matted pieces), and auto-adjusted the contrast and colors in Photoshop, until I had two high quality images, like this:

Sailboat Pastel Artwork - Ayla Steed

Cameleon Watercolor Artwork - by Ayla Steed

Finally, I just uploaded them to Zazzle and created Ayla's very own personalized notecards with her own original artwork on it.  What a cool way to show off her work! She'll love sending these to her friends and family (they even come with their own envelopes).

Custom Notecards by Zazzle with Children's Artwork

The cards turned out fantastic! The slick printed top looks really professional, and I love that I could customize the inside (I made the inside flap a solid coordinating color) add a little note on the back:

Custom Greeting Cards by Zazzle

I'm definitely a fan.  We'll totally be doing this again.  

What do you do with your kids' artwork each year???



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Anonymous said:

Can't believe i haven't heard about this before. Awesome idea that I'm not surprised did so well. Really hope this turns into something big, it's sweet and creative, perfect for any time needing a postcard.

PrintArtKids said:

PrintArtKids transforms kids' "masterpieces" into all types of cards and stationery products. We are truly amazed at the creativity that we see every day by children as young as 2 years old! It always makes us smile!

Bella said:

Beautiful! I love finding things to do with children's artwork, and these cards are a great idea.

margo said:

What a great idea!!!

Jodi said:

I absolutely love this idea. We have made our own cards in a variety of ways, but this is fabulous. It helps that your daughter's artwork is vibrant, fun and beautiful. Tell her I'm really impressed with her work!

Tara from The Magnolia Barn said:

How sweet is this! Besides my daughter thinking this is the neatest thing, my parents would adore it..pinning!

Jill said:

How cool is that! I'm off to check out that website!
Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
Hope you have a fabulous week!
Jill @ Creating my way to Success

Christa said:

What a great idea. I have a little artist at home and she would love to have her art on note cards to mail to family and friends. Thanks for sharing.

Nokes2 said:

Great idea! She must be delighted & so proud

Corey @ said:

I love this idea! This would make such fun birthday cards for friends or to send a note to the grandparents! Pinned!
Corey from

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