Sweet Home Alabama Clear Pebble Magnet

In need of a quick personalized gift this week, I decided to make use of some oversized picture pebbles that I inherited from my mom's craft stash (you can also buy them here: 20 Round Clear Glass Tile Wafers) and make this cute little "Sweet Home Alabama" magnet for a friend who just moved to the state.

Easy Teacher Gift

It was easy to make. 

I just picked the background paper (a yellow gingham) and cut the "sweet home alabama" text from black vinyl on my Silhouette Cameo Electronic Cutting Tool.  Simple monograms or labels like "Shopping List", "This Week's Calendar", etc. would be cute too.

Then I glued the clear pebble to the design using E-6000 Med Visc 1-Ounce Adhesive (best adhesive for the job-hands down!). 

Once the glue was dry, I cut around the edges to remove the excess paper. 

If your patterned paper is thin, you might want to also glue a piece of white cardstock to the back too.  Otherwise, it's possible that the magnet and glue will bleed through your patterned paper.  That's no good.  It looks terrible. Trust me. I know. ;)

Picture Pebble Magnet Tutorial

Use the same glue to attach a heavy-duty magnet to the back of the design. These work well: Magnum Magnetics Corp ProMAG 3/4" Round Magnet 50-Pack

I added a little black ribbon around the outside of the pebble and tied it at the top for a little bit of extra decoration, gluing it in 4 spots, so that it wouldn't fall off.

Large Picture Pebble Magnet Gift Ideas

To wrap it all up, I just used a piece of tulle and ribbon. 

DIY Christmas Gifts

Tada! An easy, customized, finished project.  These make GREAT teacher and grandparent gifts at Christmas -- and it works especially well with photographs.

Picture Pebble Magnets

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Tracy said:

What did you use to stick the magnets on in the last photo? I love this craft and will be making these as Christmas gifts this year and I love how you have them displayed!!

Andrea said:

I found some little metal braces at Home Depot that were only about $1.50 each (I literally went walking down the aisles with a magnet looking for something that would work!). They made a good little mini-magnet board for the magnets.

jamiew said:

Beautiful!!!! just loved it nice post

north face sale said:

thanks for you post. i really like your blog .Those are so much larger than the ones I have. Cute stuff!

Tara said:

I tried to make these once as teacher gifts, but my pebbles were too small and you could see the magnets. I love the big ones!

Amanda @ The Little Giggler said:

That turned out super cute! Thanks for linking up at The Little Giggler! :)

Rachel Southcott said:

Nice design. This is perfect for gifts and surprises.

Lynda said:

This is a great idea for the holidays! Pinning it!

JoAnn @ sweetpepperrose said:

These are just so cute! love these quick and easy crafts. I'll have to get some of these larger clear do-dads - love 'em!

Mel said:

They're great, I just made some jewelry out of the small ones, might have to add some magnets. Where do you get that size from?

Jeannie Marie said:

I love magnets and these have such a personal touch! Great idea to make and share!

Printabelle said:

Very cute! Love it! Thanks for sharing.

Rita said:

Such a cute idea! I just got a new calendar magnet board, so I am definitely going to make some of these! Thanks for sharing!

LaVoice said:

That is a great idea and makes for a nice little, inexpensive gift. You did very well with yours.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said:

Great idea! I love the way this turned out. I'm always looking for "nice" magnets and why not just make my own!

Tammy @ A Walk in the Countryside said:

This is a really great idea for gifts! Thanks for sharing!

Prlinehan said:

Those are so much larger than the ones I have. Cute stuff!

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