I made it home, which means I must have had a successful shopping trip....(this makes sense if you read my "Today I am..." ticker. Today's says: Today I am not coming home until I have purchased a new pair of tennis shoes. My current pair is 6 years old...I bought them in Searcy, AR! (3/4))


The most crucial purchase of the day, from Dicks Sporting Goods (on sale for $39.99):



And, while I was in shoe-shopping mode, I picked these up at DSW (also on sale for $24.26):





But before we went shoe shopping, Ayla and I walked the aisles of the Kids Market & Mom consignment sale. I was not in the mood to shop for kid clothes...they were way too overpriced for consignment, so we took a look at the toys and picked up these gems for only $2 each:




Then, I spotted this for only $25 (usually $80 new), which I've been eyeing for a long time at various consignment sales. It's a little big for her now, but Ayla just HAS to have her own scrapbooking and craft desk. And it fits just perfectly right by mine! Now we need to find a chair and stuff to fill it up with. Some little artist has sharpie-d the dry erase board, so I'm going to try and clean it, paint it (maybe with chalkboard paint), or replace it.




Nothing feels better than snagging good deals on things you "need".


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devinsmom said:

If you didn't know.. you can use a dry erase marker to erase sharpie from the board. Just trace it slowly then erase. Should come off. :o)
The desk is adorable. Great Deal.
Kelly Freemyer

mariahcharles said:

Nice new kicks!!!! I'm about in the same boat as you when it comes to shoes! Great deals on the toys too!!!! Way to go- I love finding sales!!!!!!! It's a great high...

wbcradic said:

Your new kicks look exactly like the ones I just got at Dick's not too long ago: Copycat! :)

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