Wedding Gift Personalized Sign - B'ivrit - in Hebrew

My cousin Yasmin is getting married in a few days - in Israel, where she grew up and has lived most of her life.  She's my only girl cousin (out of 10 grandkids) and so we've always shared a special bond - even though we only see each other one in a blue moon.

Since I couldn't be there for the wedding, I'm having to live vicariously through my mom's photos on Facebook, which though it isn't at ALL the same, will have to suffice. 

I wanted to send Yasmin a special gift though to let her know I was thinking about her and to celebrate her new married life.  So of course I decided to send her a handmade personalized sign for her and her new husband.  Obviously, an English version wouldn't be quite right for their home in Israel, so with the help of my aunt (to get the spelling just right), I designed a Hebrew version of my "First Names w/Wedding Date" sign for them:

1ft x 6in - Black - Custom Personalized Sign Design

The large font is their new last name and beneath it reads their first names.  Remember, Hebrew is read from right to left!

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Laura said:

That is such a special gift, and really just beautiful! I am sure that the bride will love it!

Mindie said:

What a special wedding gift. I am sure she will love it, I would.
Thank you so much for linking up at Bacon Time, I truly appreciate it.

Rachael@Lovely Crafty Home said:

That looks awesome! Thanks for linking up!

Amy@OneArtsyMama said:

Wow, that's gorgeous! I bet they will love it!

the cape on the corner said:

wow, that's fabulous! i love that! and yeah....being in israel and seeing photos is not the same, lol. i went about 3 years ago for about 3 weeks, and it was amaaazing!

katielutostanski said:

That is a great idea and Yasmin will love it!  Frank and Sue leave this weekend to head over there so obviously I'm  not going to be able to come close to your creativity level for a gift.  Thanks for setting the bar so high!  J/K:)

Doda said:

That is gorgeous. Such a lovely wedding gift!

Prlinehan said:

Well, that's just cool! Now I'm wondering if you can do chinese symbols ...

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