Be Joyful Reminder & Frostings Hand-Stamped Jewelry Giveaway


Do you ever think you could use a daily reminder of a special quote or bible verse or positive affirmation to help you get through the day? 
Lately I've been feeling what you might describe as "moody". Okay, you might describe it as something totally different, but let's just call it moody for the sake of this post. I've had a hard time staying positive, finding joy, giving thanks, and feeling happy. Over and over again I've caught myself being angry for no good reason, irritated about small things, and just plain cranky. It's no fun to be around (just ask Ben & the kids), and frankly, it's no fun to be me when I feel that way--even I don't want to be around me!
I thought perhaps a special reminder might help me get through those tough days. So, I ordered this:
Be Joyful Always Hand-Stamped Sterling Silver Necklace by Natasha Vaughn @ Frostings
...and it instantly cheered me up. Don't get me wrong, I know it's no magic potion, but I do think it'll be a great reminder to try to find joy and be positive when I start turning into my evil twin.   
I've admired the hand-stamped jewelry trend for a long time, and when it came down to choosing what I wanted my piece of jewelry to say, it was a very hard decision.   I considered the kids' names and birthstones, or something artsy and creatively inspiring, and even just my own initial or name. But the more I thought about it, the more I knew I wanted it to be something that wasn't necessarily representative of me, but more of who I WANT to be--something to strive for. In this season of my life, "Be Joyful Always" covers the bases. If I can find joy, then maybe I can also be happy, fun, thankful, prayerful, caring, loving, sweet and thoughtful. 
Natasha Vaughn at Frostings Custom Handstamped Jewelry & Gifts did more than make me a pretty custom necklace. While shopping for my necklace, I was forced to look at myself, my values and my attitude. I'm thankful to her for offering such a special piece of jewelry that undoubtedly means so much to each person who buys (or receives) one.
She has so many beautiful design options, and you can have them all personalized, which makes them even more special. I had a hard time choosing the style I liked best...
circleoflove.jpg cupoflove.jpg treeoflove.jpg
Pretty cool, huh? 
Want to get one?
Want a discount? 
I thought you might! ;)



frostingslogo.jpgNatasha has generously offered a 10% off discount for you!

Just use code SIGNME10 at checkout in the Frostings Etsy Shop or at checkout when ordering on the Frostings website*. This code is good through May 31st, 2011. *If ordering on the website, the 10% discount will be refunded after purchase.



And....she's going to be giving away a free piece of jewelry (up to $50) to one of my readers!  You don't want to miss this giveaway!
There are three ways to enter the giveaway:
  1. Visit the Frostings web site and comment here telling me what piece is your favorite.
    (Required entry.)
  2. For a second entry, become a fan of the Frostings Facebook page.
    (Leave a separate comment here to let me know you became a fan.)
  3. For a third entry, follow the Frostings blog by signing up for their RSS feed.
    (Leave a separate comment here to let me know you did.)

I'll announce a winner on Thursday morning, May 26th -- so go start shopping!



45 comments so far:

themartins4 said:

I really, really wanna win this one. Her necklaces are my favorite.

Anonymous said:

Hi there! I like the reminder to "be still and know"...that I am God. Such a powerful reminder to s-l-o-w down and give one's hopes & fears to the Lord. Eileen

KristianF. said:

I am now a follower of Frostings facebook page. :-)

KristianF. said:

I am so thankful for this giveaway and introducing me to this amazing shop! I am in love with the "I love you to the moon and back" necklace, it is just absolutely amazing!

Celeste said:

I love the Hammered Be Still and Know necklace!

Megan Z. said:

This is a great giveaway! My favorite necklace was the Mixed Metals faith, hope, love necklace! Thanks for this giveaway!

Laura said:

I liked Signs by Andrea on FB!

Laura said:

My favorite is My Cup Runneth Over necklace!

Paige Meyer said:

My favorite is the ring of Love necklace!
(ella was helping me type so hopefully I only have the 3 entries & not more!)

Paige Meyer said:

I subscribed to Frostings Feeds!

Paige Meyer said:

I like Frostings on FB!

Paige Meyer said:

I Love the Ring of Love Necklace! So fitting for any mom!

Vanessa Arraya said:

I like Frostings on FB =) Faith Not Fear and the Mother necklace are my favorites!

Amy said:

I 'like' Frostings on FB!

Amy S said:

I love the Be Still necklace - that verse has been one of my life verses! Thanks for showing me the Frostings site!

themartins4 said:

love, love, love all of Natasha's creations.

themartins4 said:

I am a fan of Frostings on Facebook

themartins4 said:

I love the family necklaces. I had one but lost it and need another one badly.

Joanne said:

I LIKE frostings on FaceBook

Joanne said:

My favorite NeckLace is the Tag me Necklace...I LOVE IT!!!!!

lindasteed said:

I love Frostings! One of my favorite is the "tree of life".

Samantha C. said:

Lovin the My Cup Runneth Over necklace!

Summer T said:

I liked Frostings on FB!

Summer T said:

My favorite piece is the "My Cup Runneth Over Necklace".

OtherAylasMommy said:

I like Frostings on FB.
And I like the Family Necklaces.  Very fun website to browse.  I'm going to have to spend some "alone" time looking at it more in depth!
Hope you are doing well.  We are moving to Springfield, IL.  You are going to have to stop by on your trips to Chicago.  We have a pool!  :-)  The movers come June 22. 

Alexis said:

I really liked the Love Never Fails necklace. Thank you for a chance to win :)

Mal said:

I subscribed to Frosting's blog RSS feed.

Mal said:

The My Cup Runneth Over necklaces are lovely.

joshsteed said:

I like "Frostings" on Facebook:)

Muireann said:

I can't choose between the Bird in the Hand Necklace and the Dandelion Necklace - they're both gorgeous. Thanks for the chance to win.

Prlinehan said:

aaaaaaaand, I now "like" Frostings on FB.

Prlinehan said:

I subscribed to the blog! {'Cause I sooo need another one to follow} :)

Prlinehan said:

I like them all, but my favorite would probably be the "Cup Runneth Over" one.  Oh, and I like the designer font best.

joshsteed said:

I like the "Be Still and Know" necklace.

Rebecca said:

I love the 'tree of life' necklace.

Gina said:

I'm following the Frostings FB page.

Gina said:

I love her Wish Necklace!

jennifer said:

The "Heart and Soul Necklace" is my favorite.

I love these types of necklaces, thanks!

LinhC said:

I like Frostings on FB.

LinhC said:

I like the "You Are My Sunshine" necklace. Maybe the thought of summer being just several days away has me thinking of the sun at the beach!

Deb said:

Love the hand-stamped jewelry!! I'm not sure what I would want mine to say... I do try to live by "love God, love others" (VERY imperfectly, I might add!)... that might be a nice reminder for me each day! I "like" Frostings on FB.

Christie said:

The mixed metals, faith hope love necklace is beautiful!

KK said:

I Love the By Grace Alone stamped necklace!!

Sjwarren said:

I have long loved the stamped jewely too and have given it as gifts to friends and family but have never purchased one for myself.  I like the rings of love or the cupped/stamped design.  I have been praying the Jesus prayer a lot lately...maybe I would add that...Jesus Christ, son of God, have mercy on me a sinner.

KK said:

I Like Frostings on Facebook! :)

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