Tamron Mega-Zoom Lens Giveaway Links

This lens - Tamron Mega-Zoom AF18-270mm -  has been at the top of my wish list for months.  Unfortunately, it's also WAY out of my budget.  Too bad I didn't get a surprise email asking ME to review it and give one away...

Oh, but the ease and versatility that this one lens could offer...

Since I can't buy one (yet) , I'm all for taking every chance I can to win one! How about you?  Even if I'm just one in a sea of comments, for this lens I'm willing to give it a shot.

Here are several places you can enter to try and win one of your very own (works on both Nikon & Canon DSLRs):








Good luck!  But not too much good luck...*I* want to win! ;)


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Prlinehan said:

I love some of these blogs you've linked to.  This lens sounds awesome.  Thanks for mentioning it.

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