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So, since this is media week in my 7 Weeks Of Less and I've been self-banned from Facebook, Pinterest and reading any blogs, I've been working on a few upgrades on my own blog instead (with Ben's help).

First, you may notice that the home page got a face lift.  Now you can visually see the most recent posts if you're a logged in friend or family member or the most recent & most popular posts if you're a visitor:


Next, you'll see that that the side bar looks a little different --------->

Now there are small thumbnail images with my Latest Blog Posts and Most Popular Posts.  Cool, huh?

Plus, I've been adding thumbnail images to the archives as far back as 2007:

Blog Archives

I've enjoyed going through LOTS of old posts and remembering all the things I've written about over the years...watching the kids grow and remembering all the projects I've worked on. 

And look! Even the Related Posts below each blog post have thumbnail images too. 

Lots more eye-candy. I like it.  Thanks Ben for your help!

PS. I miss Facebook.

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