Auntie Anne's Pretzels Copycat Recipe

This Mother's Day, looking for a family activity (and a good snack) I thought we'd try out this Auntie Anne's copycat recipe for making pretzels.  I found it on Pinterest (no surprise), and it sounded like it would be worth a try.

So...despite the fact that I'm terrible at reading recipes and made at least 5 errors that I know of (too much butter, forgot the oil, not quite enough powdered sugar, don't know how to activate yeast and no parchment paper), they turned out VERY tasty. 

They don't LOOK anything like Auntie Anne's pretzels...but who cares? They were yummy. :)

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Mom Photographer said:

They actually looks very yummy!!!

mindie said:

They look yummy to me.

Yasmin said:

I enjoyed reading this post. You were right. So what if it doesn't look like Aunt Anne's pretzel. The fact that it is delicious counts big even more. Especially when your loved ones enjoyed eating it. Continue in giving such wonderful delights. I'm sure you would become better at it.


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